Beard Transplant


Beard Transplant

Top Questions Men Want to Ask

Beard transplant, also known as facial hair transplant, includes extracting hair grafts (hair follicles) that are usually resistant to backward thinning genetically. The hair grafts are then transplanted to the area where you want to have the beard grow. Know about some of the top questions that men wish to ask to SHIFT Hair Transplant doctors before going for the process.

Who are the best beard transplant candidates?

Other than those who cannot grow a beard, men having non-hairy patches along their moustache or beard areas are also perfect candidates. Doctors can conduct beard transplant on men having scars on their faces because of pimple scars, surgery or burns. Beard transplant in Turkey can be useful in hiding these issues from direct view. It can also help men who like to have a stubbly appearance on chin, wish to grow sideburns or modify moustache or beard pattern.

A blue-eyed young man with beard holding a white board.

There is growth of new hair and you can see continued growing for many years in the future.

Is the process painful?

The process only involves a small amount of discomfort, given that surgeons in Turkey can conduct the process in a painless way, under the effects of local anaesthesia.

Can anything be done to reduce scarring risks?

Nothing much can be done to lessen the incidence of scarring before the process. However, doctors at SHIFT Hair Transplant can minimize scarring by employing the best techniques. Hairs can be grown on the cheek and chin areas without giving rise to any prominent bumps. In this process.

How long does it take to recuperate?

After the process, small bloody crusts can be expected on the spot. This quickly transforms into crusting, which indicates that the healing process has started. It persists for 1 week and you need to wait for 1 – 2 weeks more to see the stubble effect. Then “Shock Hair Loss” occurs, which is a normal process and makes around 70% of transplanted hairs fall off. This grows back in a few weeks. You can typically shave after a little more than 14 days after beard transplant operation in Turkey.

Can I expect permanent results?

Yes, you can! There is growth of new hair and you can see continued growing for many years in the future, as hairs just stick to original features. Thus, this kind of hair does not show sensitivity to the balding process.

A young guy with hidden eyes before and after his beard transplant operation.

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