Hair Transplant for Women


Hair Transplant for Women

Common Things to Know about Female Hair Transplant

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For women with baldness problems, hair transplant in Turkey is the best solution.

Few women are actually aware of the hair transplant for woman treatment, although it most important eligibility criteria for this type of treatment. However, if you are suffering from baldness issues, it is essential that you know about the technique. It is important to get in touch with a hair transplant expert to get more information about this treatment. Know about some common questions that women ask to a SHIFT Hair Transplant doctor to find out more about the process.


What will be my donor site?

The donor site is the area of the scalp from which hair is taken. In hair transplant in Turkey, unlike other operative methods, you can be your own donor. You need to ask where your hair will come from. Typically, the back and the side of the scalp are the regions from which hair is extracted for use, along with tissue and follicles.


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Hair Transplant for Women is the only guaranteed way to fight hair loss in women.

Does the donor site determine eligibility for the transplant?

It is obviously one of the most important eligibility criteria for this type of treatment. Keep in mind that the follicles, hair and tissues are extracted from the donor without leaving any bald patches on the donor site. Surgeons of SHIFT Hair Transplant carefully suture the region, and the difference will hardly be visible.


How is the donor hair used?

Once doctors extract the donor hair, they start the process of transplantation. The hair is affixed to the small slots that are made by the surgeon. A hair graft includes quite a few hair follicles, although not over 4 in number.


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Donor area is the most important eligibility criteria for Hair Transplant for Women in Turkey.

Is hair density an important consideration?

Hair density refers to how many hair follicles you have in each sq. cm of your scalp. When there is high scalp laxity and hair density, surgeons can perform extra hair grafts while offering hair transplant in Turkey.


Will hair transplant affect my natural hair growth?

Hair does not grow in only one way. It can grow on different directions on various scalp areas. It is very important to have an expert surgeon conduct the transplantation, so that hair can grow in a proper direction.

For women with baldness problems, hair transplant in Turkey is the best solution. It is important to have proper knowledge about every detail of the method before you go through the process, so that you know what to expect. You should have a proper discussion with your hair transplant surgeon to find out all about the treatment.

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