2018 Hair Transplant Latest Developments

2018 Hair Transplant Latest Developments 1

2018 Hair Transplant Latest Developments

What are the Latest Hair Transplant Developments in 2018?

Hair transplants have continued to evolve even in recent years. This ongoing process comes as a result of constant research into improving hair transplantation. It also benefits from the use of newer tools and technology in transplant procedures.  

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AI and Robotics

The use of robotic technology is still in its infancy. However, it looks set to expand greatly in years to come. AI-led tools can help to create a 3D simulation of potential hair transplant results. This can then help patients to understand their chances of success after an operation. Robotic technology also minimises the room for errors.

720p Digital Consultations

Planning a treatment programme begins with good consultation. Experts can now offer patients digital consultations in 720p resolution. This allows them to present every visual detail in HD. Furthermore, these experts can now make a comprehensive analysis of the hairline. They can then use this analysis to give patients an estimate of the transplants they need. Skilled professionals have expert knowledge in analysing the suitability of patients and their goals before using this treatment method. 

Live Cost Calculator

Patients can now find live cost calculators on many websites. These tools can provide them with an idea of the amount of money they will pay to get a full head of hair. Patients can choose an appropriate technique to help them to compare quotes depending on their hair type, size and style.

Digital Newsletters and Tips

The internet plays a huge role in 21st-century life. Some patients and hair loss sufferers are advised to postpone their surgery until they lose a greater part of their existing hair. However, these patients can still subscribe to newsletters from the websites of hair transplant in Turkey clinics. These newsletters and their tips can be useful in helping patients to understand how to care for their hair.

Better Pre-Surgical Preparations

Patients should also fulfil some pre-surgical preparations to make their procedure a success. Such measures should begin a couple of weeks before the operation. Most of these preparations work to support and speed up the recovery process.

In comparison with FUT and other hair transplant techniques, the post-operative recovery time is shorter with FUE. If patients follow the pre-surgical instructions correctly, their recovery should be quick and easy.