Body Hair Donor Area

Body Hair Donor Area, a hair chest of a muscular male body.

Body Hair Donor Area

Choosing The Right Body Hair as a Donor Area

Hair transplant in Turkey is an evolving industry that focuses on improving hair replacement techniques. Whether a patient is completely bald or on the verge of losing hair, transplant procedures can help. Most hair transplant procedures use body hair which is taken from certain donor areas. The donor area depends on many factors such as the patient’s health, hormone levels and need.

Body Hair Donor Area 1

The default and the best donor area is the back of the head.

The Hairline

By default, the hairline has finer hair, and for most people, the middle area of the head has thicker and denser hair. However, many men experience baldness around this middle head area, with this condition being known as “Androgenetic Alopecia”. The condition begins above the temples and continues creating a decreasing hairline.

Leg hair has the same level of fineness as the hairline, and that is why leg hair can be considered to be a good donor area. Hair from the patient’s legs can be used to create natural-looking hairlines, but leg hair lacks the density to complete the entire task. This, in turn, increases the need for hair transplant in Turkey solutions.

The Underarms

Other than the legs, surgeons can harvest hair from regions such as the underarms. Once again, these areas come with their own set of advantages and drawbacks.

Over the past few years, doctors have harvested hair from beards. This is because the beard has thick, coarse hair, and in this sense, beard hair is quite similar to scalp hair. Dr Griffin reveals that beard hair can improve hair growth and remove scars from the back of the scalp. Beard hair is a great filler to prevent hair loss, and if you are affected by early greying, beard hair can be a perfect solution.

The Eyebrows

For those planning to undergo an eyebrow replacement, the donor hair has to be shorter and more delicate. This is where the hair from the nape of the neck or underarms may be chosen. If one eyebrow is thicker and bushier than the other, follicles can be extracted from the “thick” side and placed on the “sparse” side.

Research has suggested that arm hair is not a wise option. Hairs for an eyebrow transplant should be of the same length, health condition and pattern. These are precautions that SHIFT Hair Transplant takes into consideration in order to make sure everything during and after the transplant runs smoothly.