Body Hair Transplant

Body Hair Transplant, a hairy man's chest on a black background.

Body Hair Transplant

What Are The Advantages of Body Hair Transplant?

Body Hair Transplant – It is never easy to cope with the loss of hair. Medication can fail to yield results for many people, which means that they need to find other ways of restoring hair. A proper recipient area is important for carrying out a successful hair transplant process, and so is a suitable donor area.

However, in many cases, the donor area lacks sufficient hair. Body hair transplant is the best option for people in this situation. Find out more about the top advantages of body hair transplant in Turkey.

A solution to limited donor hair on the scalp

For people with a limited amount of donor hair on the scalp, a body hair transplant is the best option. At present, there is no other way to clone or create hair particles. Neither can one work with third-party donated hair, as it is not possible to conduct transplantation in Turkey with the hair of another person. In these cases, using body hair is the best option – as done in SHIFT Hair Transplant.

The back of the head of a man in blue blouse on a white background.

The main donor area is the back of the head.

A greater donor hair pool

SHIFT Hair Transplant surgeons can work with a vast pool of hair from donors, as these can be harvested from various sections of the body. Even when the aim is only to adjust the hairline, one can use body hair to do the same. A perfect hairline is possible with finer body hair. Coarser hair can be used for filling in the gaps and improving volume and density. For instance, body hair can be used in transplants to make eyebrows look fuller.

A natural appearance

The process is a medical manoeuvre, and patients need not go through any other hair growth treatment process. The hairs implanted on the deficient area grow in the same way as natural hairs. As you are the donor for your own transplantation, you can enjoy a unique and wonderful advantage.

Simple in form

The procedure is very simple and you can get the outcome you are hoping for in just one session. The process is minimally invasive and ensures rapid healing of the spot. There is minimal or no pain during transplantation and there is no need to administer a total anaesthesia. Patients can achieve a uniform result all over.