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Before Booking Hair Transplant

Before Booking Hair Transplant

What to do Before Booking your Hair Transplant?


Stamps on a passport.

Make sure to have a valid passport before booking your hair transplant in Turkey.

Before Booking Hair Transplant – It could be that you have become bald and is finding a wig to be not appropriate for your looks. You may perhaps consider availing the latest hair transplant treatment. If so, then you are to take into consideration several aspects and find the best hair transplant specialist in the region. Do not get influenced by those aggressive commercials and advertisements shown on TV or billboards.


Some important info to follow to help get the very best hair transplant treatment

  • Identify a good medical professional: The hair transplant trichologist needs to be well trained and experienced in this particular domain. They need to have vast knowledge pertaining to hair transplantation and should boast of having a long list of satisfied clients. They also should offer you with every single benefit available for such treatments.
  • A surgeon standing in an operation room.

    Pick a good trichologist for your hair transplant in Turkey.

    Discuss with clinic: You need to make sure to give the specialist all necessary medical history about yourself. The qualified team will first look into your medical history thoroughly to check out if you really qualify for the transplantation procedure or not. This is because some health issues might not permit the person to get treatment as it may only lead to further health complications.

  • Techniques used: This is undoubtedly an important aspect that has to be taken into consideration to get the best results. Reputed surgeons and hair transplant treatment centres are likely to use the latest and sophisticated surgical techniques and equipment to help treat their patients. This way, different types of complications that may otherwise arise during the procedure can be eliminated and the entire procedure completed without consuming much time. For male baldness, there are present several procedure types called Micro-FUE, DHI, FUT, FUE, etc. The surgeons offering all types of treatments are likely to provide a neutral view on the procedures and help select the right one.
  • An iPad on a wooden table with vacation elements.

    Booking your hair transplant in Turkey is a pretty easy thing to do.

    Identify the dates for availing the treatment: The next step to be taken is to make sure to discuss the date that is desired by the surgeon for undergoing the hair transplant treatment. This will help both you and the surgeon to know when both can manage to get together to complete the procedure without any obstacle.

  • Valid passport: If you are planning to visit the country for getting hair transplantation treatments from the best surgeons here, then you are to make sure having a valid passport and obtain Turkish visa.

It is only by following the above that you can enjoy changing your looks with full hair on your head.