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Choosing Appropriate Graft Number

How Is Choosing the Appropriate Graft Number Possible?

Choosing Appropriate Graft Number: Hair transplantation is a permanent solution for restoring bald spots or areas with thinning hair. The full number of hair grafts required for surgical hair restoration can vary widely. Some key factors include variations in aesthetic requirements, facial features, head shape and size. Yet we should also consider the laxity of the scalp, density and other hair characteristics.

Discover the best way of choosing an appropriate graft number for a hair transplant, as shared by surgeons associated with major hair clinics like SHIFT Hair Transplant.

Maximising the Growth of Grafts

A highly skilled team of surgeons and a top clinic can help patients avoid obstacles linked to graft implantation and subsequent growth. However, risks can be higher if there is an increase in the density and number of grafts. Of course, these factors are integral to any hair transplantation process. So this means it is essential for SHIFT Hair Transplant surgeons to concentrate on achieving an optimal growth of grafts. This is far preferable to simply seeking a spuriously high number of hair grafts as a target. In the end, what is most important for patients is how many of the grafts actually grow, rather than the number of grafts alone.

Choosing Appropriate Graft Number

Number of Groups in Choosing Appropriate Graft Number

When hair transplant in Turkey surgeons divides follicular units into individual hairs or smaller groups, there is an increase in the number of grafts they can implant. However, this will increase the cost of hair restoration – if patients are paying by graft numbers – and will not necessarily lead to greater density. The fullness would normally also be less, owing to the grafts growing sub-optimally.

Remember that larger recipient areas can cause a greater impediment to the blood supply to grafts than smaller areas. This can pose a severe limitation on how many grafts can be placed at any one time. However, when a hair transplant considers follicular units, the highest number of hairs can be placed in the smallest of recipient areas. There are minimal risks associated with choosing the appropriate graft number. For more about what called “Choosing Appropriate Graft Number” contact us.

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