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Choosing Hair Transplant Technique

There are two main hair transplant methods which are globally sought-after these days. These methods are DHI and FUE. Both DHI and FUE have their advantages and drawbacks. However, when you face the dilemma of choosing between the two options, it is your hair transplant expert’s advice that will help you the most. The decision will depend on several factors:

The patient’s requirement for dense or natural-looking hair.

  • The patient’s thoughts about scarring after the treatment.
  • The condition of the hair.
  • The transplant required (heavy or light).
  • The colour and size of the hair along with the age of the patient.

DHI Hair Transplant

This can be considered a reasonably permanent solution for hair loss. With advancing age, both men and women but especially men tend to lose a lot of hair. Some may become completely or partially bald, while others may complain of a thinning hairline.

  • With the help of a specially designed tool, the healthy hair follicles are safely removed while avoiding any damage to the adjoining follicles and scalp.
  • These follicles are preserved in their best form in a solution which offers the longest lifespan while they are out of the body.
  • This transplant method requires local anaesthesia.
  • A DHI implanter is used to perform the transplant.

Follicular Unit Extraction

Time has brought progress in the hair transplant sector and hair transplant techniques. FUE is one of the latest techniques to have surfaced in this new era. The FUE technique provides a range of solutions for patients and ensures a wide range of advantages compared to other methods.

  • This method is suitable for patients of any age: young or old.
  • It is most suitable for those seeking short hair.
  • It is unlikely to leave scars after the surgery.
  • Issues mainly arise from the transplanting of light-coloured hairs, but with FUE even light-coloured or grey hair can be treated easily.
  • Finally, one of the most convincing arguments for this technique is its 95% high-end success rate.

Regardless of the technique used in your transplant, you should keep your expectations realistic. The transplant can work to remedy the thinning of your hair but it will not offer natural hair, only ‘natural-like’ hair. As always, you should choose the best method by seeking expert advice.

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