Corrective Hair Transplant Operation


Corrective Hair Transplant Operation

What are the Different Types of Corrective Hair Transplant Operation?

Corrective Hair Transplant Operation – Hair loss is not the only problem that people suffer from, as Hair Thinning, low hair and bald patches are some other common issues affecting individuals. Corrective Hair Transplant Operation aims at correcting various types of hair problems that men and women suffer from. Find out about the various types of corrective transplant operations that are performed in SHIFT Hair Transplant and other major hair clinics.


Scalp Reduction

In this technique, skin is taken from the crown and the edges of a hairier skin patch are stretched to close. It is stitched to partially reduce the bald scalp. The process is rarely used these days.


Graft Excision

It is a modern repair or corrective surgery, and is ideally done by using the FUE technique. Usually, the FUE technique is implemented for the removal of larger grafts, and then dissecting them again as per the hair follicular units which can be got and planted back to the spot in a pattern that looks more natural. The technique is known as hair graft excision.


An example of bad operated hair line and grafts direction.

Hair Camouflaging

The method involves the use of micro grafts or one, two or three small hair follicular units for transplanting hair in front. These are used subsequently for concealing the larger grafts and improving them in appearance, making them look more natural and aesthetic. Only the larger grafts are taken off, which reduces the cost and time involved with the process. The process is very useful, and can save the more grafts.


Combined Repair

Based on the actual state of the bad hair problem, surgeons in SHIFT Hair Transplant can use a corrective surgery along with graft excision and camouflaging in order to get the best results. In such operations, only the grafts that cannot be camouflaged are removed. This type of operation needs the skills of a qualified hair transplant in Turkey surgeon, who can manage a perfect balance between camouflaging and graft excision.


Fixing Scar

The technique of Follicular Unit Extraction can camouflage or fix the scars that can arise after a scalp reduction or strip harvesting process. A scalp reduction process depletes the donor hair quality and makes the scalp extremely tight, which makes corrective surgeries very difficult. The FUE technique can fix all these issues. The process can harvest some of the donor hair and instantly plant it atop the scars to completely hide it. Although this hair transplant in Turkey technique needs multiple sessions, you can expect very fair results.

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Corrective Hair Transplant Operation
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