Depression Hair Loss, a depressed male and his sad woman.

Depression Hair Loss

Depression Hair Loss: Hair loss and depression are closely related. Especially perilous conditions include chronic nervous overstress and long-term accumulated problems that cause prolonged heightened emotional experiences. A person may become accustomed to such a state, and it is then difficult to find the cause of malfunctions in the body.

However, when this stress alleviates, the hair will grow back in its usual places. This growth will come about without external influences such as the use of medical or cosmetic products. The most important element is eliminating stress. However, there is still a solution for those losing the battle with hair loss. They can always visit SHIFT Hair Transplant clinic to have a hair transplant in Turkey surgery.

Main Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss is a natural phenomenon. In fact, it is normal to lose a hundred hairs a day. One hair will live for four to five years, because of the connection between hair loss and depression it then falls out and at this point a new one will start to grow. Types of hair loss include:

  1. The most common form: a proportion of the hair follicles remain in the ‘rest’ period. This means that the hair stops growing, and after a while it will fall out. This is the ‘rest’ (loss) phase.
  2. Hair loss in a specific area of the head – focal alopecia.
  3. Hair loss in which people suffering from depression begin to pull their own hair out. This is linked to obsession and trichotillomania.

Depression Hair Loss, a depressed male and his sad woman.

Dealing with Hair Loss before what called “Depression Hair Loss” come true

To break the connection between depression and hair loss, it is best to reduce emotional stress. The following tips should help.

  1. Sleep deprivation has a particularly negative impact on chronic stress, lasting for several months or more. The minimum sleeping time should be 7-8 hours.
  2. Before going to bed it is good to follow a soothing routine and to avoid becoming hung up on the problems that caused the depressive state. Try reading a quiet book, going for a short walk outdoors or taking a warm shower or a bath.
  3. Healthy nutrition can help to break the bond between hair loss and depression. Eat regularly – 3-5 times a day – and try to eat moderate portions.
  4. If you are struggling to overcome depression on your own, try visiting a doctor or going for a routine consultation with a therapist.

If hair loss continues to be a problem then you could seek out a hair transplant in Turkey. SHIFT Hair Transplant clinic experts are able to make your hair grow naturally again. for more information about “Depression Hair Loss” contact us.

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