DHI Hair Transplant


DHI Hair Transplant

How Is It Performed?

DHI Hair Transplant – It is common to associate hair loss with advancing age. By the time men turn 50, at least half of the male population loses its hair to some degree – whether in the form of a thinning top or a receding hair line. This is also the time of life when men are just reaching the peak of their personal, social and professional lives, and looking older is the last thing that they want. Direct Hair Implantation or DHI is an effective, permanent and safe hair loss treatment. Find out how it is performed in top hair centres such as SHIFT Hair Transplant.

Choi implanter and how it extracts the graft.

DHI Hair Transplant Choi Implanter.

Removal of healthy hair follicles

The treatment involves the use of a specialized tool for the removal of healthy hair follicles in a safe way. This ensures that the follicles and the adjoining scalp suffer the least damage. Surgeons keep the follicles in a solution, which gives them the longest lifespan while outside the body. Another specialized tool, known as the DHI implanter or Choi Implanter, is used for controlling the direction, depth and angle of implant, so that new hairs grow in a natural way. With DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey, there are no scars or stitches and you can recover faster.

Conducted under a local anaesthetic

The entire process is conducted under the effects of a local anaesthetic. Based on how large the treatment area is, it can comprise of just one session that can last as long as 8 hours or for a number of sessions over a couple of days. Although patients can return to work the next day, most of them choose to take leave for 7 days to recover optimally. Sterile saline solution should be used to moisten the area. While on antibiotic courses for 7 days, patients cannot smoke or drink.

Painless and rapid healing

During DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey, one by one the hair follicles are directly implanted to the area that is thinning and needs cover. The process involves two stages, the Extraction Phase and the Placement Phase. This is a minimally invasive technique, which involves no pain and ensures very fast recovery.

Permanent results

When carried out by experts in top centres like SHIFT Hair Transplant, the results are as natural as possible. With complete control of the angle of placement, depth and direction of every graft, the results are 100% natural. The hair that is implanted in the area will grow for the rest of your life, and never fall out. You can get permanent results.


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