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DHI Hair Transplantation

DHI Hair Transplantation, Choi Implanters loaded with grafts in front of SHIFT Hair Transplant photo call.

DHI Hair Transplantation

How to get new hair with the DHI procedure?

DHI Hair Transplantation – A tendency towards baldness is a stable genetic sign, and does not cause the gratitude of sons (quite the contrary, in fact). The hormonal sensitivity of the hair follicle, leading to the most common type of alopecia, androgenic alopecia, is inherited from the mother in 73-75% of cases, and another 20% is inherited along the father’s line. The remaining 5-7% of cases are triggered by adverse external factors such as stress, negative environmental factors and incorrect eating habits. These numbers are curious, yet they will not relieve the bitter feeling of balding people. Those who are faced with the problem of hair loss are more interested in another question: can this process be reversed?

Associating hair loss with advancing age is common. By the time men turn fifty, at least half of the male population will face some degree of hair loss, whether in the form of a thinning top or a receding hairline. This is also the time when many men are just reaching the apex of their personal, social and professional lives, and looking older is the last thing that they want. Direct Hair Implantation or DHI is an active, permanent and safe hair loss treatment. Find out how it is performed at top hair centres such as SHIFT Hair Transplant.

DHI Hair Transplantation operations use Choi pens.

When is hair transplantation the only solution?

In the androgenic type of hair loss, the cause lies in the increased content of male sex hormone testosterone in the blood (5-20 times less is contained in women, which also can lead to hair loss). On the frontal parietal and temporal areas of the head, the most vulnerable hair bulbs grow, which quickly “capitulate” under the hormone influence. The peak values of testosterone are on puberty and reproductive age (from 18 to 50 years). Therefore, the first bald spots on the temples can arise not on old age, but already in the twenties. A cardinal decision for those suffering androgenic alopecia becomes the transplantation of their hair from the occipital region to the empty areas. If therapy does not help, it is advisable to resort to hair transplantation no later than in the sixth stage of alopecia. In the seventh stage, there are also chances, but only specific methods will be suitable, and the work will be labour-intensive and multi-staged. And at the final, eighth, stage, there will not be enough donor material for

DHI Hair Transplantation gives impressive results in treating the receding hairline.


Also, there are some general contraindications, where hair transplantation is impossible. Among them are:

–    poor blood coagulability – even minimal trauma to the skin can cause bleeding;

–    some diseases of the nervous system;

–    the presence of autoimmune diseases such as HIV and lupus erythematosus – these affect the risk of infection and poor hair survival;

–    local skin diseases (dermatitis, eczema, folliculitis) in the exacerbation stage.

The decision of cancellation or temporary postponement of the procedure is made by the surgeon, taking into account the patient’s anamnesis. In the absence of restrictions, it remains only to choose the appropriate method of “hair migration”.

DHI Hair Transplant boosts confidence.

DHI (Direct hair transplant) fixes hair at lunchtime

The so-called direct hair transplantation is gaining increasing popularity in beauty clinics. It allows the representatives of the so-called stronger sex that are suffering from alopecia to literally solve their problems at lunchtime.

DHI Hair Transplant in Istanbul is often called a “lunch break procedure” because it is many times shorter than traditional transplantation. The procedure does not require any intensive surgical operations or an extended stay in the clinic. It is performed under local anaesthesia for one and a half to two hours.

During this time, doctors take hair follicles from the back of the head, where there is usually no baldness, to transplant them to the forehead or top of the head. DHI Hair Transplant in Istanbul is carried out using a special tool with a diameter of less than a millimetre, which avoids scarring. The surgeon removes hair from the dense part of the head and transplants this directly into the areas of the skin that already suffer from lack of hair.

The creators of this technique assure that it provides a 100% natural result and that the implantable hair will never fall out. Instead, it will continue to grow for the rest of the patient’s life. It may sound too good to be true, but more and more men want to see this from their own experience. In one procedure, doctors can transplant about 2,500 grafts, almost painlessly.

DHI Hair Transplant in Istanbul is not possible if the patient suffers from skin diseases at the stage of exacerbation. There is a possibility of holding in the period of recovery. People with high blood pressure, conditions of the cardiovascular system, especially with cardiac implants, and people with oncological diseases should consult their doctor before deciding on hair transplantation.

A graphic showing the stages of implantation by Choi Pens.

Who are the right candidates for the DHI procedure?

DHI Hair Transplant in Istanbul is perfect for people that have advanced hair loss, especially if their hairline requires an extensive number of grafts. A man who has suffered from baldness for five years or one whose hair loss is classified as Class 3 on the Norwood Scale is an ideal candidate for this procedure. If medical treatments are not helpful for hair loss, then DHI Hair Transplant in Istanbul is the only option.

This method is the best way to return hair lost in accidents involving fire. If you are completely bald then you have a unique opportunity to overcome this challenging condition.

If you have difficulties with blood coagulation, you should consult your surgeon as you may not be able to opt for this procedure. This is because the risk of side effects will be much higher for people in your condition.

It is also important to have realistic expectations of this type of hair transplantation. You must talk to the surgeon and find out what you can expect from a DHI Hair Transplant in Istanbul.

DHI Hair Transplant gives a very thick and dense result for small baldness areas.

Why is the DHI method so effective?

A DHI Hair Transplant in Istanbul is a modern and cutting-edge treatment. It is an entirely different technique than the FUT method which is a conventional means of hair transplantation in which the main move is cutting the scalp of the donor area. Despite its extensive use, the FUT method has many flaws, and the biggest is that it leaves scars behind the skull.

Before the DHI method appeared, most people used the FUE technique. This technique involves using follicular units which are taken using a tiny scalpel. The main advantage of this method is that it leaves no visible scars at all, but it has certain limits, especially regarding the surfaces that are grafted. This procedure is complicated, and it can cause a risk of damaging hair roots. It can also take a long time and may fail to meet the most important things for the patient, which are quick results and fast recovery. It’s also important to note that this method does not take the transplantation method into consideration, i.e. direction and depth, and therefore transplanted hair often looks unnatural.

A SHIFT Hair Transplant Nurse implanting hair via Choi Implanter.

DHI needs delicacy.

How is DHI better than other transplantation methods?

Traditional hair loss transplantation methods such as strip extraction, FUE and hair plugs can be very painful and traumatic for some patients. During the time of descents, the surgeon must perform incisions that will inevitably cause scars on the scalp. With DHI Hair Transplant in Istanbul, patients will not experience any pain, scars or stitches. On the contrary, the DHI method provides a very comfortable patient experience both during the procedure and after it.

The main difference between this hair transplant and other methods is the outstanding quality of results of DHI. While with other techniques, hair follicles are merely transferred to the recipient zone, DHI Hair Transplant in Istanbul has an artistic approach to hairline design with scientific precision in moving the follicles. Another fact is that other techniques are unable to provide even hair growth after the procedure, while DHI gives 100% natural results with high density.

We don’t recommend DHI Hair Transplantation for colossal baldness.

The best hair transplant method and yet affordable. How is that possible?

When are considering a hair transplant, we recommend that you evaluate the entire treatment, not only the price. A DHI Hair Transplant in Istanbul can perform repairs after unsuccessful surgeries performed by companies offering much lower rates than usual. Sometimes a client will display compromised donor areas which are the sign of an incorrectly administered procedure. In such cases, patients are in danger of losing their donor areas forever as hair in these situations is irreplaceable. After these procedures, the patient may be disappointed and angry because they are dissatisfied with the depth, angle, design and direction of the hair.

DHI Hair Transplant in Istanbul is known as the best technique because the transplants are of high quality and with natural results. Considering the quality and price of DHI, it gives better value for money than any other technique today. Millions of satisfied patients to this date are a testimony to these facts.

DHI Hair Transplantation centres are not as numerous as clinics which offer other procedures, but the quality of their services helps them to be at the top.

A clever mechanism.

How does it work?

There are more and more clinics today offering the DHI Hair Transplant method, which is very simple to perform. It does not cause any pain, scars or stitches. However, the most significant benefit is that the hair continues to grow naturally three months after the procedure, and it will last forever. Painful methods, such as FUE and strip, belong to the past of hair transplantation.

The DHI procedure works in that way that the hair follicles are extracted from the donor area one by one. Then, with a slight delay or directly, comes the implantation stage onto the bald area. This maximises the hair follicle’s chances of surviving and growing because it reduces the time when the hair is outside the patient’s skin.

In this procedure, surgeons use only tools with a small diameter which are less than 1mm, much lower than on other methods. The usage of these tools minimises the surgeons’ chance of making holes, scars and injuries in the skin.

The hair follicles are transplanted directly from the donor area to the area that needs correction, and so the contamination risk is minimal. This also drastically shortens the healing process. The patient, after just one visit, can continue with his normal daily routine with some necessary recommendations prescribed by the surgeon.

More implanting angles.

3 phases in the DHI Hair Transplantation procedure

  1. Extraction phase

The extraction is carried out by specially designed tools with a diameter of just 1mm. The follicles are extracted from the donor area one by one. After that, the extracted follicles are kept in an optimal temperature and a unique solution which helps the hair to develop and allows for easier placement.

  1. Placement phase

After preparing the follicles, they will be implanted directly into the bald area using the right tools: a DHI implanter which avoids creating holes due to its 1mm diameter.

  1. Natural result

The DHI method adequately controls the depth, angle, and direction of each graft and its placement, which is why this method allows a 100 per cent natural result. Also, the hair will never fall out, and it will grow throughout the whole life of the patient.

Thicker hairline.

Advantages of DHI

DHI is 100% safe.

The DHI surgeons do not use scalpels, so it is difficult to get an infection because there are no incisions or stitches.

A unique disposable tool extracts all follicular units one by one, which prevents trauma to the area.

The entire hair transplantation procedure can only be performed by physicians with strict DHI Total Care System protocols, which are the only standard in hair restoration.

Maximum sustainability

The significant difference of DHI Hair Transplantation in Istanbul from other methods is that there are no hair follicles processed with tweezers, cutters or even microscopes. In this way, the risk of necrotic cuttings will be avoided. Also, the DHI method does not allow the hair follicles to stay outside of their natural environment for too long.

By keeping the hair follicles at the right temperature and in a solution, this increases hair development and growth. The DHI Hair Transplantation in Istanbul technique ensures a far better survival rate of the implanted grafts than any other method of hair transplantation.

Suitable for any hair

This method is ideal for all types of hair, whereas other techniques cannot be applied to, for example, curly hair textures.

Shortest recovery period

The patient is ready to return to his daily routine as soon as he leaves the clinic.

Natural hair growth and long-lasting results

With the DHI method, patients need not be concerned about adverse effects as the success rate is 100%. Due to the full control of depth, angle, and direction or implanted grafts, DHI surgeons ensure every patient gets natural results and lifetime growth of the inserted hair.

The possibility of a no shave hair transplant.

What are the risks of DHI?

The DHI Hair Transplantation method will not affect your current hair, so it is possible that your natural hair may continue to fall out.

Because the DHI Hair Transplantation in Istanbul involves moving only single follicles, the patient is unlikely to experience the appearance of infections. This is very common in all other hair transplantation methods because these require moving the skin grafts, which can cause skin infections.

What are the real dangers of the direct hair implantation method?

If you respond very severely to anaesthetics, a DHI Hair Transplantation in Istanbul may constitute a danger to your health. If you are concerned about this issue because of your previous or current medical conditions, it is advisable to consult your surgeon about all of the possible adverse reactions of your body during DHI treatment. Before any surgery, ask more than one surgeon to collect all of the necessary information about this procedure.

Widen your choices.

Swelling as the only side effect

Direct hair implantation is well-known as a technique without side effects. The only “bad” thing that you could experience after the treatment is the small amount of swelling. This lasts only a few days after the procedure. You should be aware that this is just a part of the natural healing process and you should not, therefore, be worried. Never think that because of this small issue the whole procedure is unsafe, because the swelling will disappear after a couple of days.

Removal of healthy hair follicles

The treatment involves the use of a specialised tool for the removal of healthy hair follicles in a safe way. This ensures that the follicles and the adjoining scalp suffer the least damage possible. Surgeons keep the follicles in a solution, which gives them the most extended lifespan while outside the body. Another specialised tool, known as the DHI Implanter or the Choi Implanter, is used for controlling the direction, depth and angle of the implant so that new hairs grow naturally. With a DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey, there are no scars or stitches, and you can recover faster.

Conducted under a local anaesthetic

The entire process is performed under the effects of a local anaesthetic. Based on how large the treatment area is, it can comprise of just one session that can last as long as eight hours or for some meetings over a couple of days. Although patients can return to work the next day, most of them choose to take leave for seven days to recover optimally. Sterile saline solution should be used to moisten the area. While on antibiotic courses for seven days, patients cannot smoke or drink alcohol.

Painless and rapid healing

During DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey, one by one the hair follicles are directly implanted to the area that is thinning and needs cover. The process involves two stages, the Extraction Phase and the Placement Phase. This is a minimally invasive technique, which consists of no pain and ensures a speedy recovery.

Permanent results

When carried out by experts in top centres like SHIFT Hair Transplant, the results are as natural as possible. With complete control of the angle of placement, depth and direction of every graft, the results are 100% natural. The hair that is implanted in the area will grow for the rest of your life, and never fall out. This means that you can experience permanent results.


DHI Hair Transplantation
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