Diabetes Hair Transplant

Diabetes Hair Transplant, a female nurse check the sugar level of a patient.

Diabetes Hair Transplant

Can Diabetic Patients Transplant Hair?

Diabetes Hair Transplant – Many people with diabetes wonder if they can have a hair transplant. In fact, hair transplantation in Turkey has expanded rapidly, which means that in some cases it is possible to perform hair transplants on diabetic patients.

There are several types of transplant available for diabetic patients. Many feel a hair transplant could be an unsuitable procedure for patients with Type 1 or 2 diabetes. However, this is not necessarily always the case. A hair transplant for people with diabetes can be possible provided that these patients follow a different process.

Two important stages in this process are:

  • Monitoring and controlling blood sugar levels for at least seven days before the procedure
  • Completion of a series of hormonal tests

Diabetes and Hair Transplantation

We can place diabetic patients into two general groups. These are:

  • People with a family history of diabetes. Their condition is hereditary, so not a result of environmental conditions. We can divide non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus patients into two further subcategories. Patients in these two subcategories are indeed suitable for hair transplant procedures:
    1. Patients with controlled sugar levels. These patients can control diabetes by making changes to their diet. They don’t have to use any medication.
    2. Patients who can control their sugar levels with medication.
  • The following candidates are not suitable for a hair transplant procedure:
    1. Insulin-dependent patients.
    2. Patients taking medication or insulin to control diabetes.
    3. Patients taking medication to control their blood levels.

The Critical Procedure

A hair transplant for diabetic patients can last between six and nine hours. This procedure can sometimes be tiring and stressful, but anaesthesia medication can help. Hair transplant procedures can increase the amount of glucagon and cortisol in the body, hormones which are responsible for increasing sugar levels. Meanwhile, the amount of insulin in the body will drop, and that is why more insulin is used during the procedure.

During the procedure, the medical team will monitor the patient’s blood sugar levels carefully. They will also take blood samples at regular intervals. This is because insulin management is an essential step in hair transplants for diabetic patients. SHIFT Hair Transplant clinic takes care of insulin management and experienced doctors ensure they use the right injections in the procedure. At SHIFT Hair Transplant, doctors also prepare a colugos injection, as this helps to stabilise the patient’s blood sugar levels.

The Lifeline

Throughout the process, doctors make sure the patient feels comfortable and recovers quickly.