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Elderly Hair Transplant

Is Hair Transplant in Elderly Patients Successful?

Hair loss is common today, and although it can younger as well as older people, it is more prevalent in older individuals. This is particularly true of those over the age of fifty years. A full head of hair is a sign of youthful vitality, and nobody really wants to look old. Younger men and women often command more prominence in professional and social life.

Many older people wonder whether they are too old for a hair transplant in Turkey. They are often curious to learn whether a hair transplant can yield positive results for them.

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The amount of donor hair on a patient’s scalp can help to determine the hair-restoration objectives that can be achieved.

Medical issues

Old age can often bring medical conditions. Men and women aged older than fifty and suffering from chronic medical conditions should make their doctor or surgeon aware of this before the hair transplant. They should also list any medication that is currently or recently taken. There are many health conditions which are unlikely to have a significant impact on the success of a hair transplant. However, taking these risks into consideration can help to reduce them.

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After the age of fifty years, a full head of hair is a sign of youthfulness and vitality.

Amount of Donor Hair

The strength of a patient’s donor area will help to determine the potential outcome of the treatment. A smaller amount of donor hair will reduce the number of hair grafts for transplanting onto the balding areas of the scalp. If the donor area is extremely limited, experts might advise against a hair transplant. If achieving satisfactory results is unlikely, patients should follow the advice of their doctors when this advice against having the process. However, if the doctor is confident about obtaining good results, then patients can go ahead. 

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Nobody really likes to look old.

Goals and Objectives

Hair transplantation needs to offer age-appropriate hair solutions. Most older people have modest hair restoration goals and are not aiming for the fuller-bodied hair of a twenty-something. Instead, they are looking to remedy their baldness and improve their cosmetic appearance. It is important to discuss hair restoration results thoroughly and come to a mutual agreement. In the best hair restoration facilities, such as SHIFT Hair Transplant, cosmetic surgeons will have a clear conversation with patients about the type of frontal hairline restoration and strategic graft placement behind this line which will best create a fuller and more aesthetic cosmetic appearance.

The idea is to achieve a good level of density and without making the results look unnatural for an older person. Like any patients, older people should have a thorough discussion with cosmetic surgeons in order to get a better idea of the results that are possible. This will help them to decide on whether or not they should go ahead with the process.

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