Eyebrow Transplant


Eyebrow Transplant

Why Should You Opt for it?

A brunette looking at camera with thick eyebrows.

You can expect to have thick, natural and new eyebrows in as less time in a couple of months.

Eyebrow transplant involves inserting hair into the eyebrow from another section of the body. This is a more or less straightforward process and can be performed on you if doctors in credible hair centres like SHIFT Hair Transplant find you to be eligible for the process. This type of operation can be conducted due to various reasons, such as the following.


For filling in naturally patchy brows

As they become older, some people find that their eyebrow line develops patchy areas on which there is no hair growth. This can occur due to genetic causes, which can explain why hair is absent in specific sections. Your facial appearance can be significantly changed with an eyebrow transplant in Turkey.


For replacing full brows

In case you have lost your brows due to a long-standing ailment and are now recovering, you might be finding some areas taking more time to recuperate. The growth and rejuvenation of hair in some areas above the eyelids can be hindered due to a trauma or some other causes. In an eyebrow transplant process, proper orientation and angle of insertion of the transplanted hair follicle to facial and skin surface can ensure aesthetic brows.


a lady drawing her right eyebrow with a pen holding a small mirror.

Eyebrow Transplant can be a worthwhile expense that can save you a lot of time and hassles.

Substitute for Daily Eyebrow Pencil Application

Some individuals want to find alternate ways to make their eyebrows look better without applying an eyebrow pencil every day. This method saves a lot of time and efforts, and can serve as a permanent solution to the cosmetic problem. Mascara and semi-permanent liner are some other processes, although these are even more short-term. If you hate daily eyebrow pencil application, eyebrow transplant in Turkey is a good solution to consider.

It can significantly reduce makeup time for you. Some women wish to look for ways that can reduce the time that they need to make up their face and the brows. It can be a worthwhile expense that can save you a lot of time and hassles, not to mention the unnecessary attention that you draw while applying makeup in the train or car on your way to work.


A man with blue eyes and thick eyebrow looking at camera on a blue background.

A lot of men opt for Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey with SHIFT.

Faster results

After an eyebrow transplant process in hair centres like SHIFT Hair Transplant, you can expect to have thick, natural and new eyebrows in as less time in a couple of months. With excellent post-operative care, you can ensure fuller and long-lasting eyebrows. This is a simple process and can ensure nice, aesthetic eyebrows for you.

To achieve the most natural result in Eyebrow Transplant, we perform the operation by paying attention to the millimetric frequent and horizontal direction while opening the channels and the usage of fine and single grafts at the tail end and the starting points of the eyebrows. Apart from these, chosen hair properties have an effect on naturalness, e.g. white hair, curly hair, very thick hair.

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Eyebrow Transplant
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