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What are the Advantages of FUE Technique for Hair Transplant?

FUE Technique – Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is an extremely famous hair transplant method that involves the use of a tiny, round punch for extracting follicular units from the bald donor areas of patients, one by one. Afterwards, the follicular unit grafts are transplanted into the balding patches of a patient. FUE, similar to FUT hair transplant in Turkey, comes with a number of advantages that patients interested in the process should be familiar with.


Less invasive

The process is not as invasive as Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). There is no need to remove or dissect any strip of scalp that bears the follicular units. FUE grafts or two-layer suture is used to close the wound, after which the tissues immediately surrounding the wound are individually extracted with the help of 0.6 – 1.0 mm punches. There is no need to close any post-extraction wounds.


Animation on how FUE Technique for Hair Transplant work.

How FUE Hair Transplant works.

Reduced scarring

The operation does not lead to “linear scar” that is related to FUT process. Many qualified hair transplants in Turkey surgeons can use state of the art methods like the trichophytic closure to create “strip scars” that cannot be virtually spotted. Thus, you can wear your hair cropped or short after this surgery. Although this is not an entirely scar-less technique, the small dots can be concealed when the operation is properly carried out. FUE Technique


Quicker healing and less post-operative pain

As the process is less invasive, you can heal and recover faster. There is no need to wait for stitches, wounds or staples to heal, and concerns about putting the healing area under no tension for some time. You can experience minimal discomfort and pain in the donor site, and sleep better after hair transplant at SHIFT Hair Transplant. It is possible to return to work and everyday activities much faster. You can even return to weightlifting and other strenuous exercise activities that are prohibited for up to three months after strip surgery or FUT.


Chance of higher donor supply

With FUE, extraction of follicular units is possible from varied and wide regions of the body and scalp. This involves harvesting hair follicular units from different areas of the legs, arms, beard, chest, nape, scalp and various other spots on the body where proper donor hair is absent.


Chance to “Cherry Pick” follicular units

With FUE hair restoration, surgeons at SHIFT Hair Transplant can also cherry pick the best follicular units for transplantation purposes. This involves spotting, separating and individually choosing single-haired, finer follicular units for the vital hairline regions.

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FUE Technique
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