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Getting Perfect Eyebrows

Permanent Make-up or Eyebrow Transplant for Perfect Eyebrows?

Getting Perfect Eyebrows – Nice, shapely eyebrows are one of the assets of physical beauty. However, many people lack good eyebrows or find their eyebrows thinning after a certain stage in life. While eyebrow restoration is possible with two-dimensional restorative techniques such as microblading or eyebrow pencils, this is not a permanent process. Makeup tattoos are, on the other hand, permanent, but an eyebrow transplant is often regarded as a better way of addressing lost or thinning eyebrows. Find out about some of the main reasons to opt for an eyebrow hair transplant in Turkey.

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Thick eyebrows are so appealing nowadays.

Aesthetic Appearance

When conducted by experts, the process can produce amazingly aesthetic results. Eyebrow transplants involve a significant degree of challenge but come with the promise of highly successful eyebrows when properly conducted. An eyebrow transplant can be carried out using the DHI or FUE technique, although surgeons need to choose the best recipient sites to obtain suitable hairs to guarantee the correct angle and direction of new eyebrow hairs. An aesthetically pleasing eyebrow can look more natural, and complement the other features of the face.

Faster to Perform

Depending on how large an area is to be covered, many patients require only one or two sessions. When conducted in top hair restoration facilities such as SHIFT Hair Transplant, a natural symmetry can be achieved. Expert cosmetic surgeons can create an artistic design for the eyebrows in a meticulous way, which is vital to the success of the overall process. Fuller eyebrows can be created, which look healthy and make men and women look years younger than they are.

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Eyebrow transplant gives the most aesthetic appearance.

A Permanent Solution

Whether you are just beginning to suffer from hair thinning due to hereditary problems or over-plucking or going through a permanent loss of hair in the region, your eyebrows can be restored permanently by an eyebrow transplant. The technological breakthroughs in eyebrow transplantation in the last decade make this possible. Today, transplanting of eyebrows helps as a permanent restoration technique of for the growing, living eyebrow. It uses state of the art, comfortable microsurgical methods.

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Permanent makeup for eyebrows is not always the best way of restoring receding eyebrows.

Help for Any Type of Eyebrow Loss

Eyebrow transplantation can be effective in restoring eyebrows in any eventuality. It can restore lost hair in men as well as women, which occurs as a result of ageing, genetics, over-tweezing, over-plucking, hormonal imbalance or a trauma/injury that causes scars. It is an effective treatment for eyebrow loss whether this happens quickly or slowly over a period of time. Naturally, many patients seek to use this method for addressing thinning or lost eyebrows. 

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