Hair Transplant FAQ

What Do Hair Transplant Patients Ask The Most?

Discover what our patients ask the most! And please feel free to ask any question not listed here. We will then publish our response on this page while keeping your information private, all in the name of spreading awareness about hair transplants.

Are there any scars left after FUE Hair Transplant?

No, a hair transplant performed using the FUE or DHI techniques should leave no visible scar ever, neither in the donor area nor in the recipient area.

Is hair transplant painful?


Is hair transplant guaranteed?

Yes, our hair transplant operations are guaranteed for life.

Does transplanted hair ever fall out?

No, once it grows back the patient should not lose the transplanted hair again unless they take some types of heavy medication.

When can I turn back to my routine after a hair transplant?

You can continue with your normal routine in the days after the hair transplant operation. However, it will be obvious that you have had the operation for ten days unless you cover your head.

How many hours does a hair transplant operation last?

Three to eight hours, though this will depend on the number of grafts.

How many days shall I stay in Istanbul for hair transplant?

Ideally four days/three nights. However, this could be less or more.

When can I exercise after a hair transplant?

Light exercising is okay after fourteen days. However, heavy exercising is not recommended for one month.

Can I cover my head after a hair transplant?

Yes, you can.

Can hair transplant be done without full hair shaving?

Partial shaving may be possible if the number of grafts is less than 2000.

I have intense dandruff, can I have hair transplant?


My hair is greasy, can I undergo a hair transplant?


Is there a problem with grey hair and the hair transplant?


Can I drink coffee before hair transplant?

No, this is not recommended.

Is sweating dangerous after a hair transplant?


Can I smoke before and after a hair transplant?

Ideally, we prefer that you minimise the cigarettes as much as possible one day prior to the procedure and two days after it.

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Can I drink alcohol before and after a hair transplant?

Absolutely not! In fact, it is actually forbidden four days before and after the operation.

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Can I have sexual intercourse after a hair transplant?

Although this is probably the most difficult thing in hair transplant for most of us, it is extremely inadvisable to have sex for seven days after a hair transplant.

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Why Istanbul for hair transplant?

Because Istanbul is the world capital of hair restoration surgery due to its high quality, reasonable costs and beautiful places to visit.

An additional bonus: Eating Turkish food in Turkey is also wonderful and the nightlife is pretty colourful. Hair Transplant FAQ