SHIFT Hair Transplant Clinic

Medical Park

The hospital where SHIFT Hair Transplant performs its operations has a vibrant modern décor and specialises in hair transplantation and medical aesthetics. It also has an emergency room and is proud to adhere to the most rigorous standards in hygiene. The hospital boasts state-of-the-art technology and the instruments that are essential to hair restoration. All of these are properly sterilised, and a new disposable instrument is used for each patient.

The hospital consists of four floors including a waiting area, a consultation room and a range of sterilised hair transplant operation rooms, all of which are equipped with comfortable chairs, a TV unit and a closet. The hospital also has a garden, terrace and a dining area, in addition to a hair wash unit.

There is no need for our patients to use public transport to access the hospital, as transfers are included free-of-charge in our packages.