Hair Mesotherapy


Hair Mesotherapy

What are the Benefits?

Hair Mesotherapy – A popular and effective cosmetic treatment, Mesotherapy is ideal for many medical conditions. These days, this technique is being promoted widely as a perfect solution for male pattern baldness problems. The therapy has an important usage in hair loss treatment, and the process increases blood flow in the scalp that stimulates the follicular units – resulting in the growth of new hair. Find out about some of the most important benefits of Hair Mesotherapy treatment, and why it is one of the top techniques used at top hair clinics such as SHIFT Hair Transplant.



This is a non-invasive treatment, and does not involve making any incisions or slit on the skin of the scalp or on any other area of the body. It is performed only through using small needles only a few mm in size, for injecting serums into the scalp. No surgery is needed.


No general anaesthesia

As Hair Mesotherapy in Turkey is non-invasive and non-surgical in form, this technique does not include using general anaesthesia. A local anaesthetic, however, can be applied onto the area to reduce the discomfort or pain arising with the process. It can be injected to minimize the comfort.


Uniform results

You can get uniform results from this type of treatment. The results are more effective and longer lasting than medications and other common hair loss treatment methods. The even results obtained with Hair Mesotherapy in Turkey makes it popular among hair loss patients.


Improved blood flow

In this method, a few injections with serums are injected into the scalp area with thin hair. The entry of this serums helps boost blood circulation to the area and stimulate the hair follicles to grow therein. A cocktail of a few medications – generally consisting of homeopathic or pharmaceutical vitamins – is injected into the scalp. Higher blood flow helps improve the growth of new hair in the treated area.


No scarring or side effects

There are no risks of scarring or side effects on the treated region, associated to Hair Mesotherapy, especially when carried out at top clinics like SHIFT Hair Transplant. You might only experience some temporary discomfort due to the use of small injection needles.


Long lasting results

This type of treatment generally offers long lasting results to patients. After treatment, you need to maintain proper diet and a healthy lifestyle to see lasting benefits.


Minimal time required

As this is a fully non-surgical method and is conducted on an outpatient basis, minimal time is required. Also, you can immediately go back to normal routine once it is done.

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Hair Mesotherapy
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