Hair PRP Sessions, a female nurse setting tubes for PRP into a centrifuge device.

Hair PRP Sessions

(Hair PRP Sessions): PRP is a common process in hair transplant surgery. It helps to accelerate the pace of recovery after transplant operations. PRP can also act as a standalone technique for increasing the density of hair. Here you can discover more about how the process takes place in top clinics such as SHIFT Hair Transplant. You can also learn how many sessions are necessary for Hair PRP to be effective.

Hair PRP Sessions
The blood is treated in a centrifuge to isolate the platelets that are reported to have the growth factors.

What Happens In The PRP Process?

PRP is a non-surgical process which uses the blood of patients to boost hair growth. The first step is to extract blood from the body, in a similar process to the one that doctors use when they take a blood test. The next step is to treat the blood in a centrifuge. This isolates the platelets that experts believe to contain the hair-boosting growth factors from the remaining blood. Here, obtaining platelet-rich plasma is the main objective. After the extraction process, experts inject the platelet-rich plasma back into the scalp using microneedles. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for hair regrowth is an autologous, non-operative outpatient treatment which uses the blood of patients. It takes around one hour to apply.

PRP consists of cytokines and growth factors that experts believe are responsible for improving the function of hair follicles. Special equipment and sterile techniques are also helpful in isolating and concentrating the plasma and platelets from a miniscule peripheral blood sample during PRP hair transplant in Turkey.

How Many Treatment Hair PRP Sessions Do You Require ?

Generally in what called “Hair PRP Sessions”, three to four sessions of PRP therapy are enough in SHIFT Hair Transplant and other clinics. It is possible to repeat these sessions after every one or two months. However, some patients may need maintenance therapy once a year or more often, depending on how severe their hair loss is. The results of the therapy will soon be visible, as new hair growth is apparent from three to four months after the treatment. Further improvement will be visible in the months that follow.

The success rate of PRP depends mainly on the causes of the hair loss and the PRP system that is used. There are more than seven different types of PRP hair transplant in Turkey, and some of these are more effective than others. It is common to repeat PRP treatment after every two weeks and perform it up to four times. Experts will assess the results after three months based on a hair pull test, macroscopic photos, a medical examination and the overall satisfaction of the patient. For any more about what called “Hair PRP Sessions” contact us.

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