Hair PRP


Hair PRP

Why Should You opt For Hair PRP Treatment?

Hair PRP is a common abbreviation for Platelet Rich Plasma, an innovative technique that helps to significantly boost hair growth on the scalp. It involves the use of plasma derived platelets, packed with proteins and multiple growth factors that can work together to repair and accelerate wound healing and hair growth potential. It has recently become popular among hair loss patient’s due to many benefits. Find out why you should opt for this technique at SHIFT Hair Transplant and other top hair centres.

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Hair PRP involves using your own cells, thus no risks!


Safe process

This restorative method involves using your own cells, and there are no risks of suffering from allergies due to the cells being rejected by your body. As only your own blood is used for this type of treatment, there are no risks of plasma or platelet rejection when Hair PRP in Turkey is used. The body does not show any negative response when PRP is injected beneath the skin. Gradual hair re-growth is better, as it provides your body with the time to adjust itself to the new hair. You can obtain more natural results in a safer way.


Minimal discomfort

As the process involves using only a small quantity of blood and local anaesthesia, you will feel only minimal discomfort. The treatment does not involve any operative method, and you will only experience minimal annoyance due to topical anaesthetics being used. The process can be conducted without any discomfort, when performed under intravenous sedatives.


No recovery time or downtime

No recovery time or downtime is associated with Hair PRP therapy. You can drive easily to your home and resume your everyday activities soon after the therapy. The platelets usually stop or reverse the hair thinning problems of patients, and make the effects from the treatment show up within a few months of the session.


Fast and effective treatment

Based on the area that is being treated, the process only takes around 30-50 minutes. The need for repeating the therapy depends on the treatment plans as well the personal requirements of patients. The Hair PRP in Turkey therapy can be repeated until the time you obtain the desired results. You can repeat the treatment after every 3 to 6 months, to get the best results.


High success rate

The therapy, when conducted at reputed hair care facilities such as SHIFT Hair Transplant, can be highly successful. You can see visible hair re-growth results within a span of 3 months after the treatment session. In many cases, patients report of effects lasting for over a year with only 1 – 2 treatment sessions.

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Hair PRP
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