Hair Transplant Experiences

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Video Testimonials

Sean, U.K

Shafi, U.K

Andre, Norway

Salar, U.S.A

Sam, Australia

Caterina, U.S.A pt1

Caterina, U.S.A pt2

Ali, Norway

Francisco, Spain

Sohail, Spain

Jesús, Spain

Carmine, Italy

Marc, Australia

Franklin, Spain

Ryan Green, U.K

Rune & Andre, Norway

Giovanni, Italy

Julien, France

Anatoly, Russia

Alpha, France

Abdel, France

Jamal, Belgium

Phillipe, Belgium

Sargon, Iraq

Mohammad, Saudi Arabia

Nasser, Saudi Arabia

Mohammed, Saudi Arabia

Richard, Malta

Written Testimonials

A written review of hair transplant with SHIFT.
A written review of hair transplant with SHIFT.
A written review of hair transplant with SHIFT.
A written review of hair transplant with SHIFT.
A written review of hair transplant with SHIFT.
A hand written review of SHIFT Hair Transplant.

Here, you can watch video testimonials and read original satisfaction forms from our international hair transplant patients in Istanbul – Turkey. Although all of these operations are performed by SHIFT Hair Transplant Centre, every patient experience is unique in the same way that every patient is unique.

For example, some patients talk about the operation in detail. Others like the food, the punctuality of the driver and so on. Indeed, these patients and, as we prefer to call them, friends have come to Istanbul from all around the globe. In fact, they have travelled from the UK, USA, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and more.

Most of these patients have undergone hair transplant using the Micro-FUE Technique, DHI (Choi Implanted) and Perkutan Techniques. We also apply the exclusive S-S method by SHIFT to all of our patients in order to ensure optimum natural results.

Lastly, the patients that you will see below have all shared how happy they are about their experiences with us. In this same spirit, they made these testimonials for you and for everyone else hesitating to choose a hair transplant clinic for their hair transplant operation. After all, they had once been confused as well.

Above all, the written testimonials are kept for us to enhance the experiences of our subsequent patients. They also help us to achieve our goals and to feed our quest for perfectionism. However, only consented written testimonials can be shared. And while some of these testimonials include a name, others do not.

In every case, contact details are hidden for privacy reasons. You can, however, ask for a contact number if you feel the content of this page is not enough to erase your doubts and inspire you to book with us for the best experience ever. You can also take a look at the results in the before and after page.