Hair Transplant FAQ


Hair Transplant FAQ

What Patients Ask the Most?

Scarring, is it possible with FUE Hair Transplant?

No, Hair Transplant done by FUE Technique leaves no visible scar ever, neither in the donor area or the recipient area.

How painful hair transplant operations is?

Your elderly family member or friend may tell you it is painful without even having it. But, Hair Transplants with FUE Technique aren’t painful.

Is Hair Transplant guaranteed?

Yes, our hair transplant operations are guaranteed for life, only if the back of your head was used as the donor area, i.e. body hair transplant is not guaranteed.

Does transplanted hair ever fall out?

No :), once it grows the one does not lost the transplanted hair again unless they had a heavy kind of medication.

When can I turn back to my routine after hair transplant?

You can continue your normal life in next day of the hair transplant operation. It’ll be obvious though that you had it through 10 days unless you cover it up.

How long does the FUE Hair Transplant operation take?

3 to 8 hours depending on grafts number.

How many days shall I stay in Istanbul for hair transplant?

4 days / 3 nights, could be less or more.

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When can I go back to gym after hair transplant?

30 days later.

Can I cover my head after hair transplant?

Imagine that you can’t!

Of course you can.

Can FUE Hair Transplant be done without full hair shaving?

Partial shaving could be possible if the graft amount was smaller than 2000 grafts.

Why Istanbul for Hair Transplant?

Because Istanbul is the world capital of hair restoration surgery for it’s good quality, affordable cost and beautiful people to visit.

 Bonus: Eating Turkish food in Turkey is wonderful and night life is pretty colorful 😉

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Hair Transplant FAQ
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