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Hair Transplant Perfect Timing

When Is The Best Time To Consider A Hair Transplant?

(Hair Transplant Perfect Timing): It can be hugely troubling to find your hair thinning out and bald patches emerging. There are times when you can organically regain your lost hair through stress reduction, dietary change, lifestyle modification and other natural methods. However, not every hair loss patient is so fortunate.

Luckily, hair transplant clinics in Turkey are available for these individuals. Hair transplantation is the only permanent hair restoration solution for gaining back lost hair for such patients. However, many patients wonder when is the best time to opt for hair transplantation.

At the Right Age as pare of what called (Hair Transplant Perfect Timing)

After puberty, hair loss is possible at any age. However, many doctors believe that it is better to wait until patients are at least 30 years of age. At SHIFT Hair Transplant and most other hair centres, patients over 25 years of age may be admitted for a transplant. It is easier at this age for surgeons to predict how the progression of patterned baldness would be and this allows them to plan the process accurately.

Balding for More Than Five Years

If you find your hair thinning out, you may be tempted to act fast to prevent further loss of hair. However, it is better to consider hair transplantation only after you have been experiencing hair loss for over five years. As the loss of hair is not sudden, you need to wait until you have suffered from thinning and balding of hair for a significant period. This will help your doctor at centres like SHIFT Hair Transplant to understand the hair loss pattern better and determine a custom plan to ensure you get the desired results.

Sufficient Hair for your Desired Appearance

While waiting for five years is advisable, it is important to act while you still have enough hair left on your scalp to use for the hair transplant in Turkey process. You should still have substantial hair left at the back and sides of the head when you approach the clinic.

No Medical Problems

You should also complete a full medical check-up to ensure that you do not have any medical problems that can interfere with your healing process. Some types of medication may result in hair loss, so it is essential to discuss alternative options with your doctor if you are considering hair transplantation surgery. The results may vary if you are suffering from any medical conditions, including stress.

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