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Hair Transplant Preoperative

The Preoperative Instructions of Hair Transplant

As people age, thinning and shedding of the hair becomes more common. Not everyone likes to have a bald pate on display, and they may look for effective ways to address this problem. Hair transplant is seen as a safe and permanent way of curing hair thinning and balding and regain a fuller head of hair within a short time. Surgeons and doctors associated with top hair restoration clinics such as SHIFT Hair Transplant have quite a few tips and advice for patients.

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Abstain from alcohol drinks before hair transplant.

Wash your Hair

It is important that you wash your hair thoroughly on the morning of, as well as the evening before, your surgery. Ask your surgeon whether you need to use any special shampoos for helping to remove the scabs from your scalp.

Wear Light Clothes

Keep in mind that you should be as comfortable as possible during the transplantation. Wear comfortable and casual apparel and avoid wearing items that you have to pull over your head after the process. In short, try not to wear sweatshirts or hooded jackets while going for a hair transplant in Turkey.

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Smoking can really affect the result of hair transplant negatively of course.

Arrange Suitable Transportation

You should preferably have a car on hire to drop you home after the transplantation. Try to have a friend or family member to accompany you after the transplant is over, as you may still be feeling the effects of the anaesthesia that is injected before the process to reduce discomfort or pain. Talk to your companion beforehand, so that he or she can keep that day free to accompany you from the hair surgery centre.

Take Medication as Guided

If you are on regular medication for a condition, you can continue to take this under the guidance of your doctor. However, you should not take aspirin or any anti-inflammatory medication in the week leading up to your surgery. If you suffer from blood sugar issues, talk with your surgeon about how to deal with diet and insulin management on the big day.

Abstain from Tobacco and Alcohol

Stop smoking at least seven days before your surgery, as smoking can reduce blood circulation to the scalp and jeopardise the process. You should also steer clear of alcohol. For seven days before your surgery, make sure not to take vitamin E, vitamin B or any multivitamin supplements. Never drink coffee on the day of your operation.

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