Hair Vaccine

Hair Vaccine, a lab expert making a hair cocktail.

Hair Vaccine

What Are The Uses and Benefits of Hair Vaccine?

Hair Vaccine is a new method of accelerating hair growth using a special formula. This formula consists of an extracellular matrix in a customised form. The formula rejuvenates the recipient area using vitamins, PRP and a blend of other materials, whereas the matrix triggers the reproduction of tissues using the stem cell modelling process. The hair vaccine is an FDA-certified process that can be used in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. Further to this, it is a safe product that can help to effectively restore hair to a balding area.

Find out more about some of the main uses and benefits of hair vaccine in hair transplant in Turkey methods.

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Hair vaccine actively fights hair loss.

Improving the Pigmentation of Reappearing Hair

This treatment has a positive impact on the pigmentation of reemerging hair. There are many cases where hair colour is darker, and when injected into hair follicles the action is only minimal. The formula spurs treatment by activating stem cells with sac-asisi-2. And the efficacy of the cure is also improved by PRP activation or the activation of the growth factors and stem cells obtained from the blood of the patient himself.

The stem cells, when activated, function like healthy tissues surrounding the new hair follicles. This then leads to a spread of hair through the modelling of healthy adjoining follicles. In turn, the existing follicles will be stronger and healthier.

Effective on Men and Women

This treatment can be helpful to both men and women. When experts conduct this at in top clinics such as SHIFT Hair Transplant, it can offer effective results for both genders, making this one of its biggest advantages.

Treatment for Alopecia

Applying a hair vaccine to men can help to prevent alopecia, particularly in the initial stages of the condition. It can delay baldness, or even halt the process entirely. The effectiveness of this treatment tends to vary from one individual to another, although the success rate should be satisfactory in every case. When used on women with alopecia, the success rate is very high.

A hair vaccine is an excellent remedy for metabolic alopecia, including cases linked to drug use or iron deficiency. A hair vaccine can reduce or halt alopecia problems and lead hair regrowth after four months, while the process of recovery and new hair formation will extend to one year. The hair vaccine can also offer positive results in treating parade, lupus and other disorders related to alopecia.

Assistance in Getting Thicker Hair

A hair vaccine can help patients to boost the volume of their hair, and it can also help to thicken hair strands on people with many pinnate hair strands.