Hormones Hair Effect, a woman showing her brush with a lot of a fallen hair wearing a red blouse on a white background.

Hormones Hair Effect

Hair Loss Caused by Hormones

Hormones are essential to the male and female body. However, the concentration of these substances is different and is specific to each sex. Sometimes there is a balance disorder, and there is an increase in the level of androgens. Hormones and hair loss have a very close connection, particularly with regard to the negative impact of male sex hormones on the follicle. However, there are other reasons for hair loss.

It is best to diagnose hormonal and hair loss problems in time if you would rather not visit the hair transplant in Turkey SHIFT Hair Transplant clinic. However, if you find yourself faced with massive hair loss then you could consider having a hair transplant in Turkey.

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Testosterone and hair loss have a close connection.

Effect of Hormones on Hair

Hormones and hair loss are closely connected, and hormonal background has a huge impact on the structure of the hair and its growth rate. As a rule, female oestrogens have a beneficial effect on the condition of the hair, while androgens mercilessly oppress the division of cells in the follicle and significantly slow the growth of hair. This is why hair loss is more prevalent in the male population.

If the balance falters and hormonal issues occur, the hair and skin are the first parts of the body to find themselves affected.

Symptoms of Hormonal Hair Loss

The combination of hormonal conditions and hair loss often comes alongside other symptoms of endocrine disorders. These usually include the following:

  • Decreased libido

  • Increased Sweating

  • Insomnia

  • Headaches

  • Increased Weakness and Fatigue

  • Dizziness

  • Oedema

  • Fluctuations in Blood Pressure

  • Emotional Instability

In women, the connection between hormones and hair loss may be accompanied by an irregular menstrual cycle, uterine bleeding and problems with the mammary gland. Inconvenient hair growth on the body is another possible symptom.


If the causes of hair loss are associated with a pathological hormonal failure, you can deal with the problem without the intervention of a SHIFT Hair Transplant doctor. A doctor can determine the kind of endocrine disorder that is present in the patient.

The first step in treating this condition is to concentrate on correcting imbalances. This could stop the hair loss in itself. If this situation fails then you could consider a hair transplant in Turkey as an alternative option.

In addition to fixing the failure, you can use other additional techniques:

    nutritious masks and cosmetics containing vitamins and plant extracts;

    physiotherapeutic procedures;

    scalp massages with the use of oils.

However, unless you eliminate the main cause (hormonal failure) then hair loss will continue.

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