Manuel FUE Hair Transplant


Manuel FUE Hair Transplant

How Is Manuel FUE Technique Performed?

Manuel FUE Hair Transplant is a type of hair transplant in Turkey that makes it possible for surgeons to extract as many as 2500 grafts in just a few hours without causing damage to the grafts. As it reduces the time for grafts to stay outside the patients’ body, it offers better results. Find out how it is performed.



The skin and hair of the patient is inspected and measured. Surgeons in top centres like SHIFT Hair Transplant determine the sites with original single hair follicles for surgeries where they want to operate on the front line. They generally prefer grafts from the parietal and temporal regions, to ensure that the front line looks natural and aesthetic. As the hair features, skin type and head shape differs across patients, hair angles and direction can be different. As follicular unites happen to be very delicate, the Manuel FUE Technique is used.



For this operation, surgeons usually start working on the top of the head or the vertex and the middle line. They generally take grafts from the occipital region as the density and thickness of hairs is higher in this area. Local anaesthesia is first applied to the area from where hairs are extracted, and the follicles are pulled out of the skin with polarized light loop and manual punch. Local anaesthesia is injected into the recipient site prior to the incisions.



After the grafts are pulled out of extracted from the skin, they are kept in a solution combining ATP and hypotermosol, so as to keep them healthy and alive. The solution works in the preservation of the grafts.

As per the planning prior to the operations, surgeons in SHIFT Hair Transplant classify the grafts. Until they are implanted, based on their specific features, they are preserved at 4 degrees Celsius. The main objective behind doing so is to maintain the integrity of the graft tissues. The waiting time of the grafts out of the skin is restricted to a minimum.



The lateral slit technique is used to make the incisions in this hair transplant in Turkey, according to the natural hair angle and directions of the patient.



Following the incision, the grafts are finally implanted in the incised region as per plan. The primary aim is to ensure a homogeneous and natural result. It is essential to use every spot on the donor site, to ensure homogeneity on the donor area as well as on the recipient.

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Manuel FUE Hair Transplant
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