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Micro FUE

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Micro FUE

How to defeat baldness with Micro FUE hair transplantation?

Micro FUE – FUE hair transplantation (Follicular Units Extraction) is the only real way to restore hair for people with androgenic hair loss. Micro FUE hair transplantation in Turkey gives an excellent aesthetic result and permanently solves the problem of alopecia. The experience and skills of the transplant surgeon are necessary conditions for successful hair restoration.

Micro FUE is almost the only great solution for hair loss.

Hair transplant is perhaps the only way for some people to escape from inconveniences and complexes, raise your self-esteem, make life start up in new colours.

It would seem that such a minor problem as the absence of hair on the head can’t become some decisive factor in the life path. But, how many people are in the world who suffer from this disease, who can’t establish interpersonal communication, make an approach to the person they like, defend their rights before authorities, or feel confident.

Most people think that Micro FUE hair transplantation in Turkey is for people who have entered the ageing period, but even among young or middle-aged people, baldness is also quite common.

Six parts divide the male pattern hair loss, what type do you have?

From where did this come?

The history of hair transplantation procedure starts at the beginning of the twentieth century, when in Japan in 1939 physicians began to think about how to help people who lose the hair on their heads.

In the 60s, studies came to their logical end – hair transplantation operations became available for everyone. Right now, Micro FUE hair transplantation in Turkey is the most is the most successful modern method.

As practice shows, hair transplant helps not only to solve problems with baldness, this procedure helps to hide defects on the head, any scars, irregularities, consequences of facial and lifting adjustments.

On the facial part of the head, it also became possible to correct the insufficient hair cover density in places such as eyebrows, moustaches, beards.

Indications for hair transplantation

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that involves the transplantation of individual hair follicles from the donor zone into the area of hair loss. Such operations are necessary for the following reasons;

Hair loss is depressing for most men and women.

Androgenic alopecia

Androgenic Alopecia is a hereditary disease in both sexes, consisting of thinning of hair and gradual hair loss in some regions of the head surface. The degree of expression for men is determined by the Norwood-Hamilton scale, for women – by the Ludwig scale. This disease is a cause of baldness in 95-98% of humanity. In women, the incidence of androgenic alopecia is in the range of 20-90% of all hair loss cases, with difficulties in diagnosing this disease. The causes of such baldness lie at the gene level and consist of damage to hair follicles under the influence of active male sex form of the DHT hormone. The most effective method of treatment is hair transplantation.

Cicatricial Alopecia

Injuries can cause the appearance of scars on the skin, or burns, medical interventions on the head and face. Also, an etiological factor of cicatricial alopecia can be an infectious disease (bacterial, viral, fungal), when as a result of inflammatory reactions on the spot of the hair follicles appears connective tissue. Surgical treatment of this disease can be carried out by transplanting hair into scar tissue or scar excision (the choice of method depends on its size, shape, appearance, and location).

Bald spots on the forehead and temples, a congenital high line of hair growth

Everyone has a different face shape, but it always has certain proportions (as a rule, the forehead area occupies about 1/3 of the face). These ratios can be disrupted as a result of plastic operations (for example, circular suspenders), resulting in the placement of hair growth line to the temporal, frontal and behind-the-ear zones. Before the surgical intervention, professional models the hair growth line.

The necessity of correction of a line of hair growth in the region of eyebrows, moustaches, beard, temples

Recently, the popularity of hair transplant surgeries has increased, aimed at masculinising patients, that is, giving a more masculine appearance. The necessary result is achieved by “thickening” the corrected areas. Among the possible indications for hair transplantation to these areas, it is often required to camouflage the consequences of surgeries; scars suffered in the youthful age caused by acne. A small amount of intervention characterises this type of hair transplantation by a  and the need to use mono- and follicular grafting.

Beard Transplant give mesmerising results via Micro FUE.

The main advantages of Micro FUE method

Before you decide to undergo an FUE procedure, you should know it’s advantages:

High efficiency

Today, FUE hair transplantation in Turkey is for most of the patient around the world. In one operation surgeons can transplant up to 4000 grafts, that is, approximately 9200 follicles. The essence of this technique is the redistribution of genetically resistant hair to the areas prone to alopecia. Extraction of follicular associations gives an excellent result – it is visually impossible to determine if a transplant has taken a place or not.

Minimally invasive intervention

The Micro FUE hair transplantation in Turkey is characterised by low traumatic. Extraction of follicular groups is carried out without incisions with the removal of mini-tubes with a diameter less than 1 mm under the control of optical instruments. The entire procedure is painless, and to eliminate the pain after the end of anaesthesia effect, it is sufficient to use tableted analgesics. The blood loss is insignificant since point skin areas are involved in both the donor and recipient zones. The technique of follicular isolation, unlike other surgical methods, doesn’t leave scars.

Easy postoperative period

The healing period is concise. Donor zone for regeneration requires 7-10 days, areas with transplanted follicular associations – about 2-3 weeks. At the same time, full restoration of hair growth is carried out; this causes a real euphoria in the patient, which, of course, has a beneficial effect on the healing process. After surgery, the patient doesn’t need inpatient treatment. He only visits his doctor from time to time to treat the post-operative area of the scalp and monitor the restoration of hair growth, without changing the permanent way of life.

A small number of contraindications

Carrying out this operation can be limited by several factors: the insufficient amount of hair; allergy to local anaesthetics; chronic diseases (hypertension, diabetes, cardiac dysfunction, etc.); infections of the scalp in the exacerbation phase. If the above obstacles are not observed, simultaneously with the surgical intervention corrects all the disturbed processes in the body, which is especially true for hormonal disbalance.

These are additional features of the Micro FUE method:

Hair transplantation from the body (BHT)

With Micro FUE, do not worry about the natural look.

Scar masking and corrective operations

Micro FUE method corrects the results of unsuccessful hair transplantation. Also, it is used to mask scars after transplantation using patchwork technology, filling bare skin areas with focal alopecia, as well as changing the hair growth line.

Hair transplantation on the beard

The FUE method allows to give the beard any shape and density, and also to correct the whiskers. Today, different transplantation operations of 5000-6000 grafts are performed to create a natural thick beard.

Transplantation of long hair

Operations of this type are especially popular among women who want to keep a certain length of their hair. Such a procedure is more complicated and time-consuming, but it worth it.

Trying a lot of useless solutions to defeat baldness can be frustrating.

What are the contraindications?

Photos and videos often show excellent results, but there are some situations where both the doctor and the patient have neglected contraindications because of their incompetence. The most common contraindications are poor blood coagulation and anaesthetics intolerance.

Also, interventions should not be carried out in the following cases:

  • if the patient is under 15 years old (the same applies to eyebrow adjustments);
  • insufficient donor hairline;
  • the presence of mental disorders in the patient: an obsessive compulsive disorder with increased anxiety and suspicion, a disorder characterised by an uncontrolled desire to rip out hair;
  • Diabetes mellitus also does not allow the use of Micro FUE hair transplantation in Turkey: in such patients, there is a very high risk of infection and subsequent infections;
  • In the presence of cancer (permission for surgery should be obtained strictly from the doctor).

It’s important to remember that there is always the risk of rejection of the implanted element. For greater visibility of possible risks, it’s recommended to familiarise yourself with photos and videos, to show these negative points in detail.

The process of hair transplantation by the FUE method

The clinic will create the most comfortable conditions for accommodation: 24-hour nursing care and supervision. Before discharge, the patient from the clinic, the first training procedure for washing the head is carried out. The patient receives unique means for caring out the transplanted hair and all the necessary recommendations. The next day after the transplant, the patient can lead an active lifestyle.

The insertion the grafts into to opened micro holes carefully.

The first stage – extraction of grafts

Even before the beginning of the hair transplant procedure, the transplant doctor very accurately calculates the number of donor grafts needed to maximise coverage of the baldness zone.

Collection of hair follicles from the donor area is not accidental, but according to a particular principle. Grafts are extracted evenly from various regions of the occipital region, while the transplant physician pays specific attention to ensuring that the door zone is not too thinly cut.

Before the start of grafting, local infiltration anaesthesia of the scalp, so the whole procedure for hair transplantation is painless. According to the newest Micro FUE technology, grafts are extracted not by a strip and not from one specific location, but one from a particular donor area. The seizure of grafts is a critical stage, for which we use special techniques and a special tool. Ready-to-graft hair follicles gets implantation for better survival in a unique cooled solution with the addition of blood plasma.

The second stage – implantation

The transplant doctor makes a detailed transplant plan. A micro-instrument, through which the implantation of donor grafts occurs, is called implanter pen. Our clinic uses specially designed implants with a diameter of 0.6-0.9 mm. For each patient, the width of the implant is selected individually, depending on the quality and size of its donor grafts. For a single transplant procedure, a minimum of 25-30 different implant. The technology uses implanter-pen allows you to combine micro-puncture of the skin and planting the hair follicle by one short step. With the help of the implant, the grafts are implanted at a certain angle and a certain depth. With the FUE hair transplantation in Turkey, the transplant doctor always works with a large number of different sizes of grafts, which can contain from one to four hairs.

The different diameter of the Micro FUE-tools (from 0.6 to 0.9 mm) makes it possible to extract the grafts accurately and without damaging the hair bulbs adjoining them. The amount of hair in the graft varies from 1 to 4, which means that their sizes differ.

SHIFT Clinic uses disposal Titanium made equipment.

Implantation of grafts – the most crucial stage of hair transplantation

The implantation process requires professional preparation. The most important points at this stage are observing the correct direction of hair growth and the optimal depth of planting. From this depends on the survival of grafts and natural appearance.

In the process of transplantation 1-2-3-4 hair grafts are used in certain proportions. Grafts consisting of one hair are thin and soft. They do not give a high density but using such grafts, and the doctor creates a smooth line of hair growth. Two and three hair grafts create the maximum volume. Four hair grafts in the process of transplantation are used no more than 3-4%, because of their small initial amount.

The whole procedure of graft implantation is a creative process and requires specific art abilities from the transplant physician. After the transplantation, the micro-punctures of the skin heal within 3-5 days and become utterly invisible after 10-14 days after transplantation.

In the donor area, after the extraction of grafts, only small spot wounds remain, which within 2-3 days heal and cover with a slight crust. The crusts fall off a week after the operation and leave no visible traces. The FUE hair transplantation in Turkey excludes the development of scars and infectious complications.

Micro-motors at SHIFT are set to the slowest speed to protect grafts while extracting.

The very next day after hair transplantation by the Micro FUE method, the patient can return to the permanent way of life. The FUE method does not require suturing, leaves no traces and makes it possible to wear any, even the shortest haircut.

Transplanted grafts begin to grow several days after transplantation. The final growth of new hair is observed after 3-6 months and then continues throughout the rest of life. Transplanted hair retains all its natural characteristics and qualities. The hair can be cut, dyed, used by any hairstyle. Correctly conducted hair transplantation always improves the appearance, relieves psychological discomfort and gives a sense of self-confidence.

Channels opener diametre must be small not to leave any visible scar.

After the procedure of hair transplantation

After the intervention, you receive detailed recommendations on how to behave during 14 days after the process. You can also read suggestions on the clinic’s website.

After 8-10 months, the transplanted hair will finally gain strength and become thicker. You will notice a larger volume that will be proportional to the width of the hair shaft and the length of the hair. Just one month after the transplant, you can use any modern cosmetics for hair care and strengthening, at your choice.

After the procedure, it is recommended to use a set of 4 products that are mainly for transplanted hair. The ingredients of these cosmetic preparations help to properly care your transplanted hair, improve their appearance and make the hair more docile and soft. It’s recommended to start using these drugs no earlier than 15 days after the Micro FUE Hair transplantation in Turkey.

Micro FUE
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