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Minors Hair Transplant

Is Hair Transplant for the Under 18s Recommended?

Minor Hair Transplant: Our modern lifestyle can encompass high-stress levels, poor dietary choices, sedentary habits, reduced physical activity and other hazards. This, in turn, can make our lifestyle a top reason for hair loss in men and women. In many cases, these adverse effects can appear before a person even reaches adulthood. When medication, natural remedies, supplements and dietary changes cannot treat hair loss, a hair transplant can be something to consider. However, many people wonder whether hair transplant for the under 18s is recommendable.

Risk of Complete Baldness at what called “Minor Hair Transplant”

If you have a hair transplant in Turkey at a young age – before reaching adulthood – and then go bald, you will then have insufficient hair left to follow up on your hair transplant. This means that if you need a transplant in the future, there will be few or no hair follicles to use for the process. There could be bald areas on your scalp, or you may have a bald forehead combined with thicker hair around the temples, which could be a more difficult situation to fix. According to surgeons, those who begin to lose hair while in their late teens or early twenties are more likely to experience baldness in the future.

Preserving the Remaining Hair

In top hair restoration clinics such as SHIFT Hair Transplant, surgeons prioritise preventing the remaining hair strands from falling out before a transplant. Doctors look at the extent of the hair loss and the patient’s family history, as well as monitoring the status of the hair over time. They may prescribe medicine to prevent the hair from falling out.

Minimum Age Limit

As a rule of thumb, surgeons at SHIFT Hair Transplant advise candidates against having a hair transplant before they reach 26 years of age. In cases where the hair loss is due to genetic factors, 26 years is considered the minimum cut-off age. This age limit for a hair transplant in Turkey stems from the fact that donor sites can be unstable in younger people. For surgeons, it can be tough to decide whether there will be a ‘permanent’ or stable zone on the scalp.

Minor Hair Transplant

This could mean that the donor hair may be unstable in the area where it is transplanted. Consequently, the hair on the donor region would continue thin. Should this occur, the transplant scars would also remain visible, which can further complicate the issue. All of the above conditions explain why hair transplant for the under 18s can be a bad idea. Indeed, top surgeons will not normally recommend such a course of action. for more about what called “Minor Hair Transplant” contact us.

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