Moustache History, a man with a very thick moustache.

Moustache History

Moustache History Many cultures regard the moustache as a symbol of masculinity. In some religions, a moustache is a piece of evidence that young teenage boys have grown into adult men. The process of nurturing moustaches went through different stages throughout history.

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History of the Moustache

Throughout history, moustaches and cultural attitudes have been changing. At times they have been praised, while at other times they have been banned. The moustache has experienced different periods, from the moment the first prehistoric people began to remove some of the hair on the face, and to this day when the trend is beginning to return. In the Middle Ages, the Prince of Wales was the first to wear a moustache on his face. However, only later in England during the reign of Queen Elizabeth could it be said that the moustaches became a fashion symbol. In the 17th century, there was an aesthetic and cultural trend in the cultivation of twisted, spiky moustaches, while in the 18th century, many romantics such as Lord Byron continued this tradition. During that period, the moustache was wrapped and quite “weak”.

The dark age of the moustache emerged in the 19th century when the moustache was cultivated only by individuals, most often soldiers. After the end of the First World War, many were forced to shave. Since 1920, moustaches have returned to fashion and become a symbol of the intellect and seriousness. In the 1960s, new styles in shaping moustaches appeared.

Interesting Facts about Moustache History

  • According to some studies, the oldest recorded moustaches date back to 300BC.

  • There can be between 10 and 20,000 hairs on the face. An average moustache contains up to 600 hairs.

  • Albert Einstein had his trademark moustache for over fifty years.

  • Moustaches can also help to protect the skin from cancer.

  • In certain parts of the United States, it is illegal for a man with a moustache to kiss a girl. Furthermore, many police officers have to get rid of their moustaches because their bosses think this will make them look more respectable.

  • In Ancient Egypt, there were both real and false moustaches, while today a moustache can be transplanted in many areas of the world. SHIFT Hair Transplant clinic can make these modifications during a hair transplant in Turkey.

Moustaches Today

Today, there is a global movement known as “Movember”. People around the world are growing moustaches in November to help raise awareness of cancer in men.

There are many styles of moustache today. Some of the most famous are:

English – slightly bent aside;

Dali – based on the famous artist;

Natural – stylizing without tools;

Horseshoe – moustaches that grow vertically down;


Narrow, real and thin moustache, and many others.

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