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Natural Hair Transplant

What Makes the Natural Result for a Hair Transplant

Natural Hair Transplant – Hair Transplant is considered to be a safe and highly effective method of restoring lost hair which can lead to the scalp looking even better than before. However, many men and women facing hair thinning or male or female pattern hair loss wonder whether hair transplant in Turkey can really help patients to achieve natural-looking hair again. Read on to learn the answer to this frequently asked question.

Natural Hair Transplant 1
Ladies can get natural-looking hair with a hair transplant in Turkey.

Use of the Patient’s Own Hair

This is probably the most natural solution for remedying hair loss. Unlike a wig, the hair of the patient alone is used. Hair strands are extracted from the patient’s “donor area”, or the area of the scalp where the hair is thicker, and grafted onto the “recipient area” of the scalp. These strands will fall out after a month, but they will begin to emerge again after 3-4 months. Although many patients at top hair restoration clinics like SHIFT Hair Transplant are discouraged by the idea of the initial hair loss in the first few weeks after the hair transplantation, this hair loss is only short-term. In twelve months or less, the full effect of the hair transplant will be visible once again and it will be impossible to distinguish the new strands from the old ones. 

Normal Hair Density

In people who do not suffer from any hair loss, each square centimetre of the scalp will contain around 80-100 follicular units. Hair thinning will not normally be visible until about half of the native density has fallen out. Consequently, it is usually enough to transplant around 45-55 follicular units onto each square centimetre of the scalp. This will ensure that there is no loss of hair due to excessive shock or overwhelming of the blood circulation to the scalp.

Natural Hair Transplant 2
Natural eyebrows are the key to a successful shift in appearance.

Strong Hair Growth from the Strong Donor Area at what called “Natural Hair Transplant”

If your donor area is healthy and the donor grafts available are in top shape, you can expect completely natural and effective results. The new hair will be close to your hair on the donor site. Surgeons look at the size of the donor area, the density of hair that grows in the donor area, how coarse the hair is and the extraction method that is preferred by the patient. With techniques such as FUE or DHI, surgeons can extract numerous grafts from a tiny section. With FUE or punch extraction, grafts can be extracted from a much larger area. Surgeons will take both methods into consideration when evaluating the type of coverage that they can obtain.

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