No Shave Hair Transplant

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No Shave Hair Transplant

How is No Shave Hair Restoration Performed?

Many men and particularly women prefer to have a hair transplant without shaving their hair. If you share their preference, it is a good idea to consider FUE surgery that allows a no-shave hair transplant. In this technique, a medical professional will implant hair in the areas where it is lacking. A no-shave hair transplant in Turkey is possible using the FUE method on those who have sufficient hair thinning for transplantation yet are undergoing the transplant for a small area. Learn more about the two phases of a no-shave hair transplant: extraction and implantation.


In this first phase, the hairs on the rear part of the head need to be about 10cm long. Surgeons will look at the existing longer hair and decide which region could serve as the donor area for harvesting the grafts. Only this small area, typically measuring 2-3cm, is used for harvesting. This helps save the follicles by allowing surgeons to consider the angles and extract the hair from the donor site in an efficient manner.

The next part involves extracting a sufficient number of grafts after numbing the area with local anaesthesia. Following the release of long hair, surgeons in top hair clinics like SHIFT Hair Transplant will then cover up the donor area. In this way, the graft extraction procedure will not be easily visible. Given that only a part of the donor area is shaved, FUE can be used to harvest around 1,500 grafts. If the number of grafts is not sufficient, surgeons can shave another 2cm spot for extraction. It is possible to use this technique on women as well as in men with long enough hair.


The length of hair will depend on how dense the receiving area is. If the density of existing hair is not more than 15 grafts per square centimetre, there is no need to shorten the hair. However,  if the density is over 15 grafts per square centimetre, it would be sensible to shorten the hair to 1.5cm or Grade 4. This would avoid harm to the existing area and ensure greater visibility of the recipient area.

In reputable clinics such as SHIFT Hair Transplant, surgeons will normally not have to shorten hair if the receiving area is the temple area or the front-line area. After a successful no-shave hair transplant in Turkey you can expect to see new hairs growing after 3-6 months. However, full hair growth usually takes longer – about one year.