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Painful Hair Transplant

What Makes a Hair Transplant Painful

If you are suffering from hair thinning or baldness, you have probably already considered a hair transplant. Although hair transplant surgery can naturally and permanently restore the hair on your head, patients may be concerned about whether the procedure is painful. After all, the scalp is quite a sensitive area, and it can be scary to think about having cuts in it. Find out more about the level of pain associated with a hair transplant in Turkey, and the factors determining this.

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The level of pain depends on whether the surgeon you are going to is skilled.

Type of Restorative Method Used

It is well-known that older hair restoration techniques may involve some level of pain. Earlier methods included the excision of larger sections of the scalp, and greater cutting for extraction of the donor hair, followed by further cutting to introduce the donor hair to the recipient area. In contrast, newer methods such as Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) imply an alternative level of pain. They involve only working with a small amount of adjoining tissue for donor grafts, which significantly reduces the amount of pain that patients feel.

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SHIFT clients rarely complain of pain during operations.

The Skill Level of Surgeons

The level of pain also depends on whether or not patients use a skilled surgeon, such as those in top clinics such as SHIFT Hair Transplant. If your surgeon has experience in the hair transplant procedure then it is possible that you will experience no pain at all. The degree of pain varies with the type of surgeon you are using.

Use of Anaesthetics

Patients should not feel pain after a hair transplant, even when the body is trying to heal itself. An anaesthetic will be administered to minimise the aches and discomforts associated with the process, and after the effects of this anaesthetic wear off, patients should feel no further pain thanks to the painkillers. Patients often manage to ward off painful sensations with over-the-counter medication, and in the event of minor soreness and swelling of the scalp paracetamol and other similar painkillers can be useful. Some other patients do not need anything else for pain management.

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Pain in hair transplants depends on individual tolerance level.

Pain Threshold

In many cases, pain is subjective and will vary from one person to another depending on their tolerance level. Some patients feel nothing more than pinpricks, while others may experience a more acute aching sensation. However, skilled cosmetic surgeons in reputed clinics such as SHIFT Hair Transplant use anaesthetics and the latest transplant techniques such as DHI and Micro-FUE to minimise pain as far as possible.

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