Perkutan Techniuqe


Perkutan Technique

What are the Main Advantages?

Perkutan Technique – also known as Percutaneous Technique, is a path-breaking procedure for hair follicle implantation with a smooth and safe technique. This method helps open up pores in the spots that have to be cultivated with a special pen consisting of a small needle that can secure the tiny pores that have the same size as the bulb that has to be implanted, after which the extracted bulbs are laid into the pores. Find out about some of the main advantages of using the Perkutan Technique in Turkey for hair transplant.


Little or no side effects

This type of surgery does not involve any incisions, and the scalp does not have any scars or possibly only minimal. The time to heal and pain associated with the process are reduced as much as possible. The process is safe and healing is quick. The healing time is reduced to a minimum. The scarring that occurs for a short time after Percutaneous technique in Turkey for hair transplant happens to be lighter than experienced in various other techniques. This is mainly because special percutaneous needles are used to open up the pores rather than a medical blade.


No shortening of the hair

In this method, there is no need to shorten the hair. When the treatment is only carried out by certified specialists, such as in specialized clinics such as SHIFT Hair Transplant, you can expect faster results and can go on with your regular lifestyle, not being embarrassed to attend social dos, functions and events.


Natural results

This kind of treatment can give you natural hair results, and you can find growing at a rapid rate – just as it is the case with a healthy scalp. The Percutaneous technique ensures high volume and thickness of hair as well as clean root extraction. You can enjoy higher graft density, up to 55 per cm of scalp area.


Better results with FUE

The process is compatible with the Follicles Unit Extraction (FUE) technique. When combined with FUE, the Perkutan technique can help in controlling of hair orientation, very natural looking hair, and the potential to transplant over 4,000 grafts in a single session at SHIFT Hair Transplant and other hair loss treatment facilities. The orientation of hair will be controlled. The direction of growth and shape of hair implantation can be determined smoothly and easily. In this technique, hair is cultured in a special manner.

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Perkutan Techniuqe
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