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Ponytails Hair Loss

How To Reduce Hair Loss From Ponytails

Ponytails look stylish and are easy to create. However, tying the hair too tightly can stretch the hair strands from their follicles. Over time, the habit of tying your hair in a ponytail can cause premature hair loss due to tension or traction alopecia. There may be irreparable damage in extreme situations.

If you have already lost some hair through wearing ponytails, here are some ways to reduce hair loss from ponytails.

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Avoid wearing your ponytail too tightly in the holder.

Use the Right Elastics

Use elastic bands covered in fabric. These offer a nice soft grip on the hair and can help to prevent unnecessary damage. Try to aim for a band that is more elastic. This places your hair and roots under less stress.

Avoid Tight Ponytails

According to SHIFT Hair Transplant surgeons, you should avoid wearing your hair too tightly in the holder, as this can pull on your existing hair and make it weaker. The continuous pulling action can make hair strands come out of follicles, making you suffer from baldness. Make sure to wear the ponytails lower on your head, and no higher than your ears. Wear a loose bun or pony at your nape, as this will place less stress on the hair.

Pin the Rest of your Hair

Try to pin the length of hair left hanging to the elastic band using kirby grips. If you want to hold the heavier sections of your ponytail, try using a hair slide or clasp so your hair experiences less stress.

Use Ponytails Less Frequently

Try to reduce the amount of time you wear your hair in a ponytail. For instance, try wearing a ponytail during a night out rather than for eight to ten hours at work. If your hairstyle needs to meet dress codes, go for a French twist, a loose plait or a simple bun. Never wear your hair in a ponytail while you sleep.

It is a good idea to change hairstyle every so often. You will see a major difference if you limit your use of a ponytail to one time a week. If you stop wearing your hair in a tight ponytail, you can help to fight hair loss. It may be possible to restore lost hair on your scalp within a few weeks.

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