SHIFT Hair Transplant Centre


SHIFT Hair Transplant Centre

What makes it the Best?

  • SHIFT HAIR TRANSPLANT Centre provides a world-class surgical hair transplant to patients from all around the world. We are located in the magnificent town of Istanbul  having done more than 6000 successful operation.
  • SHIFT HAIR TRANSPLANT services are not just limited to male hair transplants, but we also treat other hair loss related issues. These include facial hair transplant (beard), female hair transplant and eyebrow surgical hair restoration.
  • At SHIFT HAIR TRANSPLANT, our exclusive focus are results; a completely natural look.
  • SHIFT HAIR TRANSPLANT works with the highest ethical, clinical, and artistic standards seeking excellence in every aspect of our work. With a 10 years’ experience.
  • We service both men and women. All options will be discussed with you in a private confidential setting.

Hair loss is a common problem for many men and women, arising due to various factors like stress, heredity, tension and advancing age. SHIFT Hair Transplant is a top hair restoration centre that offers world-class hair transplant surgery to patients from across the globe. Based in Istanbul, the centre offers male hair transplants as well as treatment for various hair loss related problems such as eyebrow surgical hair restoration, facial hair transplant (beard) and female hair transplant. Find out more about the centre and what makes it the best.

Types of Treatment

SHIFT Hair Transplant offers treatment in various specialties such as Hair Restoration, Hair Replacement, Hair Loss Treatment and Hair Transplant. It offers Men hair transplant, Beard transplant, Hair transplant for women, Eyebrow transplant, Body hair transplant and Eyelash transplant. It also provides patients with Facial hair transplant, PRP for hair and FUE technique.

The centre offers services to men as well as women. It discusses all the options with clients in a confidential and private setting.

Experience and Expertise

The hair transplant in Turkey centre has 10 years of experience in the industry. It works with optimal artistic, ethical and clinical standards and focuses on providing patients with a fully natural look. It is completely result oriented. It has a highly dedicated and experienced team that is passionate about providing customers with expert hair restoration services.

Advantages of Treatment in SHIFT Hair Transplant

Surgeons associated with SHIFT Hair Transplant work with many donors, which can be harvested from different parts of the body. Body hair can also be used for adjusting the hairline. Finer body hair is used for achieving a perfect hairline. Surgeons also use coarser hair to fill in the gaps, and achieve more density and volume. Body hair can also be used to get fuller eyebrows during transplantation.

Patients can get a more natural hairy appearance, without undergoing any other hair growth treatment. The hairs implanted on the bald spots grow similar to natural hairs.

Surgeons use an extremely simple and minimally invasive procedure, and achieve the desired results in only a single session, also ensuring fast healing of operated spots. There is little or no pain at the time of transplantation, and patients do not need to go through full anaesthesia. The results are fully uniform.

Surgeons can offer a permanent solution to limited donor hair problems over the scalp. Presently, the use of body hair is the ideal option for hair transplantation.



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