Will I Have a Scar After Hair Transplant?
DHI and FUE techniques do not leave any visible scar or mark, neither on the donor area nor on the recipient area.
FUT technique leaves a visible and permanent scar on the back of the head.
Is Hair Transplant a Painful Procedure?
Hair transplants are not painful anymore, whether during or after the operation.
Local anaesthesia is applied without needles.
Is Hair Transplant Guaranteed?

We guarantee most of our operations for life.

Does the Transplanted Hair Ever Fall off?

Once it grows back, the transplanted hair does not fall off, as long as the heavy medication isn’t used.

When Can I Go Back to My Routine After a Hair Transplant?

You can continue with your normal routine 3 days after the hair transplant operation.

How Many Hours Does a Hair Transplant Operation Take?

Three to eight hours, depending on the number of grafts, the technique, your hair and skin type.

How Many Days Will I Stay in Istanbul for Hair Transplant?

The optimal schedule of hair transplant in Istanbul is 3 nights / 4 days;

1st day: Arrival (you can arrive at any hour – both airports are fine -Istanbul IST or Sabiha Gökçen SAW-).

2nd day: The operation (and the consultation/test of course).

3rd day: The first control.

4th day: The second control and departure (try to find a flight in the afternoon or the evening if possible).

It could be reduced even to a day, but your experience will be different.

When Can I Exercise After a Hair Transplant?
Light exercising: two weeks later.
Heavy exercising: one month later
Can I Cover my Head After a Hair Transplant?


Can Hair Transplant be Done Without Shaving?
There are 4 types of hair shaving for a hair transplant operation;
Full Shave: number 0 haircut.
For big balding areas and Afro-Caribbean hair.
Partial Shave: Shaving the donor area only (the back of the head).
For patients with receding hairline or DHI patient.
Minimal Shave: Shaving a small part of the donor area.
For women, eyebrow transplant, scar tissue transplant or small areas without hair.
No-shave: Not shaving any single hair (neither on the donor nor the recipient areas).
This choice is possible via Manual Hair Transplant.
Can Intense Dandruff Prevent a Hair Transplant?


Does Greasy Hair Prevent Hair Transplant?


Is Grey Hair an Obstacle for a Hair Transplant?


Can I Drink Coffee Before Hair Transplant?

It is not recommended.

Is Sweating Dangerous After a Hair Transplant?

No, but it might cause an itchy feeling.

Can I Smoke Before and After a Hair Transplant?

Ideally, we prefer that you minimise the cigarettes as much as possible one day prior to the procedure and two days after it.

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Can I Drink Alcohol Before and After a Hair Transplant?

Absolutely not! In fact, it is actually forbidden four days before and after the operation.

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Can I Have Sex After a Hair Transplant?

Although this is probably the most difficult thing in hair transplant for most of us, it is inadvisable to have sex for seven days after a hair transplant.

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Why Istanbul for my Hair Transplant?

Because Istanbul is the world capital of hair restoration surgery due to its high quality, reasonable costs and beautiful places to visit.

Turkish food in Turkey is also wonderful and the nightlife is pretty colourful.

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