Successful Hair Transplant, a happy bald man with glasses on a blue background.

Successful Hair Transplant

What Makes a Successful Hair Transplant

At reputable hair restoration clinics such as SHIFT Hair Transplant, patients often ask whether a hair transplant has a high success rate. This is an important question given that the process can involve a significant financial and emotional investment.

Studies reveal that 98% of hair grafts are successful, with hair growing normally once some time has elapsed after the process. Find out when a hair transplant is a successful process.

Donor Hair Quality

The success of a hair transplant operation is often judged by the appearance of the hair after the grafted hair has grown out completely. This usually takes about one year. It is also good to judge the success of the process based on whether the patient’s expectations have been met. During the consultation process, when patients visit a doctor for the first time, they often ask about whether the process will yield the success they desire.

The answer to this question depends on the expectations of the patient and the overall quality of hair in the donor area. The amount of donor hair available for extraction is a key determinant of the success of a hair transplant surgery. There will be less hair available to transplant when a larger area of the scalp suffers from hair loss.

Successful Hair Transplant, a happy bald man with glasses on a blue background.

Experience of Surgeons

The skills and experience of the surgeon handling the procedure are of paramount importance. Patients should only approach surgeons who are qualified and experienced in carrying out this type of surgery. The success of the hair transplant in Turkey is evident in how successfully the grafted hairs grow one year after the process. Many patients who undergo successful surgery comment that people cannot tell the transplanted hair apart from the existing hair. This is highly desirable.

Quality of Surgery

In non-smokers, anywhere between 95-98% of grafts will grow successfully in operations carried out under international standards. The total numbers of hair follicles that can be used for the process, as well as the viability of these follicles, are key determinants in the success of the process. When a highly-skilled team of technicians attends to the extraction and dissection of the hair follicle, there will be a higher yield of grafts to ensure the success of the transplantation. For more about “Successful Hair Transplant” contact us.

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