DHI Hair Transplant

The Famous Technique

Medical tourism is a rapidly expanding industry in Turkey, and each year brings new scientific and technological developments which push the boundaries of our knowledge even further. One exciting development in the hair transplant field is the DHI Technique which is an abbreviation of Direct Hair Implantation. We are proud to offer this innovative treatment method as its best at SHIFT Hair Transplant.

DHI Hair Transplant 3

DHI is perfect for a hair transplant without a full shave.

What is DHI Hair Transplant and how does it differ from FUE?

DHI is somehow a new hair transplant technique which can act as a useful alternative to FUE, the most widely-used technique in Turkey and the world at present. Whereas FUE is a three-stage operation which involves first extracting the donor grafts, then opening the microchannels in the recipient area, then transplanting the grafts into these channels, the DHI procedure involves only two stages. First, the grafts are extracted, and then a special instrument called a Choi pen is used to open the channels and implant the grafts in one single motion.

DHI Hair Transplant 5

Choi Implanters.

What are the strengths of DHI in comparison with other methods?

DHI is one of the latest techniques to hit the hair transplant sector, and one which uses advanced technology to create impressive aesthetic results. It is a particularly good technique for creating density in relatively small areas, which makes it a good option for treating receding hairlines and other incidences of limited hair loss. DHI is potential for boosting density also makes it well-suited for treating thinning hair in female patients.

Another important advantage of DHI over other techniques is that the recovery time is shorter, which means that patients can return to their normal routine even faster than with other treatment methods.

What are the limitations of DHI?

DHI is less suited to treating larger areas because it is a more time-consuming procedure to administer. It is therefore not recommended when working with a large number of grafts, because minimising the time that grafts remain outside the body is one of the most important keys to ensuring their optimal health. This means that in patients with extensive hair loss, FUE will normally be the more appropriate technique.

DHI Hair Transplant 7

The angles of implanting the hair follicle with DHI Technique.

DHI in Turkey today

DHI is gaining traction in Turkey and is now one of the most widely-marketed techniques available today. This fame stems partly from the technique’s successes, as mentioned above, but also from the fact that it is relatively easy to administer. This has sometimes led clinics with less experienced staff to rely heavily on this method to the detriment of others.

However, it is important to recognise that DHI is only one of several useful techniques, and that the best clinics will consider the advantages and drawbacks of DHI and other methods when deciding on the best treatment plan for a patient.

DHI Hair Transplant 9

DHI gives the best result in treating the receding hairline.

DHI at SHIFT Hair Transplant

SHIFT is highly skilled in working with the DHI technique, and we are proud to offer this within our broad portfolio of services. SHIFT will analyse each patient’s situation in depth before working in partnership to determine the best course of treatment, and can administer the DHI technique as well as any others that they feel are well-suited to the patient.

SHIFT works tirelessly to remain on top of the latest developments within the industry and this passion for innovation, combined with our commitment to working with high-calibre instruments and equipment, means that we are able to draw on a variety of techniques to achieve the best results for every patient. We are committed to providing the most cutting-edge techniques available, yet we also understand the value of more established hair transplant methods. We are proud to offer DHI as one of a range of services that we have mastered.