FUE Hair Transplant

The Advantages of FUE

The FUE method continues to be one of the most important hair transplant techniques in the industry today, due to its adaptability, minimal recovery time and ability to achieve first-class aesthetic results. In the hands of the highly-qualified professionals at SHIFT, the FUE method is able to provide the best overall hair loss solution for most patients.

Animation on how FUE Technique for Hair Transplant works.

Animation on how FUE Technique work.

What is FUE and how does it compare to other methods?

The arrival of the FUE method revolutionised the hair transplant industry in Turkey and abroad, succeeding in providing an excellent all-round solution where other, more outdated techniques had failed. In particular, FUE provided an excellent alternative to the previous FUT (‘Follicular Unit Transplantation’) method, which involved extracting a strip of skin from a patient’s donor area and dissecting this into separate follicular units before transplanting these into micro-channels that had been opened in the patient’s recipient area.

Although FUT has some strengths, such as an excellent rate of graft survival, it only allows for a limited number of grafts to be transplanted and the invasive nature of the technique generally leads to a more challenging operation and postoperative period for the patient. FUE changed all of this by extracting individual ‘follicular units’ from the patient’s donor area, leading to reduced scarring and a faster recovery time in comparison to FUT.

How does FUE work?

FUE is a three-stage procedure which involves extracting individual grafts from a patient’s ‘donor area’, opening a series of micro-channels in the recipient area and then placing the grafts into these channels. As with other hair transplant methods, the hair that is implanted into the recipient area is unlikely to fall out because it is genetically different from the natural hair that it replaces.

There are now various different derivatives of the FUE technique, such as Micro FUE and Micro Sapphire, something which is a testament to the adaptability of this treatment method. Although newer trends have emerged since FUE first hit the scene in 2004, FUE continues to be the industry leader in Turkey for a variety of important reasons.

What are the strengths of FUE in comparison with other methods?

FUE is a practical and highly versatile technique which achieves excellent results in a variety of situations. It is the most widely-used method in Turkey today, and it continues to provide the most comprehensive solution for those suffering from hair loss. Among the main advantages of the FUE method are that it is much less invasive than older hair transplant methods, which means that it reduces pain and discomfort to a minimum while also leading to significantly less scarring. An FUE procedure involves very little downtime, which means that patients are able to return to their normal routines very quickly after their operation.

A further advantage of FUE is that it makes it possible to work with a larger number of grafts than is true of other techniques (particularly FUT and DHI). FUE also provides grafts with favourable conditions for survival and regrowth, as well as helping to encourage blood flow to the scalp, and therefore helping to nourish the transplanted grafts.

What are the limitations of FUE?

FUE is an excellent all-round technique, but certain factors should still be taken into consideration. In particular, patients should be mindful that the quality of an FUE procedure will depend on the education, training and expertise of those who carry it out. Many less reputable clinics market FUE as a procedure which is ‘so easy’ that it can be performed by virtually anybody, and they work with inexperienced technicians rather than doctors in a cynical bid to cut costs. Patients should be aware that in reality, an FUE hair transplant is a medical intervention like any other, and as such it demands both excellent clinical skills and an inspired aesthetic eye.

It is very much in the interest of patients to work with a qualified team in a clean and accommodating hospital environment, for reasons of both safety and ensuring the quality of the results. SHIFT has extensive experience in performing FUE and a wide range of other treatment methods and is capable of achieving high-quality aesthetic results in a comfortable, safe and clean setting.