Gold Hair Transplant

Not Just a Luxury!

Since the year 2004, almost all hair clinics introduced the FUE method instead of the strip method. Gold Hair Transplant method is an improvised method of the FUE and DHI techniques. At SHIFT, hair transplantation is carried out according to the Gold Hair Transplant method using punches (hollow needles) made of gold. It ensures better healing and the procedure is rather gentle. This method for hair transplant is not only for luxury but for getting the benefits of using gold. The hair transplant experts at SHIFT extracts the follicles from the donor area using hollow needles made of gold. Prior to the extraction of the follicles, we will shave the head and apply local anaesthesia over the donor area. Since golden punches are used the cuts are also more precise.

Gold Hair Transplant 3

SHIFT is one of the first clinics to use Gold Punches in Hair transplant.

Gold Hair Transplant

The Advantages

Within 4 weeks after the procedure at SHIFT, the hair follicles will be in the resting phase and as a result, the transplanted hairs will fall out. After about 3 – 4 months the hairs start to grow back. The final result of the hair transplant in Turkey will be visible after about one year. Since the punches used in the Gold Hair Transplant method are made of pure as well as highly tolerated gold, this method of hair transplant is the best for those who suffer due to allergies. Gold Hair Transplant method suits all forms of hair loss in males and females. Apart from assuring tolerance for allergy sufferers, hair transplantation in Turkey using the gold method ensures faster healing, less crust formation, a higher rate of hair growth, no scar formation and less chance for infection. When the gold method is used the healing will be faster and the chances of wound formation or allergy are very less.

Gold Hair Transplant 5

Even if they’re gold, the punches are disposable.

SHIFT Welcomes You!

Those who undergo hair transplant in Turkey are not required to get hospitalized provided the transplantation is carried out according to the Gold Hair Transplant method. SHIFT will arrange the accommodation of the customers in a hotel and on the arrival of the customer in Turkey; the patients will be contacted by us to explain the entire procedure of hair transplant. Before the treatment they will conduct a blood test and also the doctor will examine the scalp as well as the hair of the customer. The hair channels will be opened by removing the follicles and once the follicles are removed the patient is allowed to take a break and have his lunch meal. Subsequently, the follicles will be inserted into the channels. Then the doctor will give all necessary instructions and then the patient can return to the hotel and take rest.

Gold Hair Transplant 7

Less allergy and faster healing.

The next day he may go to SHIFT again for a check-up. By wearing a headband for three days the swelling of the forehead can be prevented. The redness of the scalp and crusting are normal only and will disappear within two weeks. Those who undergo the Gold Hair Transplant can wash their hair 48 hours after the transplantation. Prior to washing lotion is to be applied and for washing the hair a special type of shampoo will be provided. For 4 weeks after the hair transplant, it is advisable not to do physical exercises, not to take alcoholic drinks and also not to go to the swimming pool, sauna and solarium.