Micro FUE

How to Remedy Baldness with a Micro FUE Hair Transplantation?

Micro FUE – FUE (‘Follicular Unit Extraction’) is the most commonly-used hair transplant technique in Turkey today. Among other advantages, it allows for a minimally-invasive procedure with a short recovery time and reduced postoperative scarring, as well as allowing for the transplantation of a higher number of grafts than is true of other techniques such as FUT and DHI. With the passage of time, new technological innovations have helped to speed this procedure up and make it more comfortable for patients. SHIFT is proud to stand on the cutting edge of hair transplantation in Turkey.

One of the most important innovations in recent years is the Micro FUE technique. Micro FUE involves using a punch with a micro-motor to extract the grafts to be transplanted. 

Before and after beard transplant with SHIFT in Istanbul.

Beard Transplant gives mesmerising results via Micro FUE.

What is FUE?

In general terms, FUE involves extracting individual grafts from the ‘donor’ area at the back of a patient’s head, before opening microchannels in the patient’s ‘transplanted’ area and planting the individual grafts in these channels. FUE replaces the older FUT (‘Follicular Unit Transplantation’) or ‘Strip’ method which relied on removing a complete strip of tissue from a patient’s scalp and separating this into individual grafts for transplantation.

What is Micro FUE and how does it differ from Manual FUE?

In general terms, an FUE procedure involves using a circular ‘punch’ to cut around the individual follicular units before lifting these out of their position. The diameter of the punch can generally vary from 0.7 to 1.2mm, but the most commonly-used diameters range between 0.8 to 1.0mm. The diameter of the punch will depend on the particular characteristics of the patient’s hair.

‘Micro’ FUE involves using a motorised punch for the graft extraction process, in contrast to the ‘Manual’ FUE procedure which relies on wrist action alone. The most important advantages of Micro FUE are that it is more time-efficient and less labour-intensive, leading to a more comfortable experience for the patients and medical team alike.

A french blonde man before and after his hair transplant in Istanbul with SHIFT.

Micro FUE is almost the only great solution for hair loss.

What are the advantages of Micro FUE?

One of the main advantages of Micro FUE is that it speeds the process up considerably. This is important for two reasons: firstly, this makes it possible to work with a larger number of grafts and secondly, it helps these grafts to survive in the best conditions. One of the most important considerations in any hair transplant is reducing the amount of time that grafts spend outside of the body, as this will ensure that the grafts survive, and in the best possible conditions. In this sense Micro FUE is a much better option than Manual FUE for working with a high number of grafts.

Micro FUE is also much less labour-intensive than Manual FUE. Any hair transplant is, by nature, a detailed procedure which demands a high level of focus over a prolonged period of time. The time reduction that comes with a Micro FUE procedure means that the surgical team will be less susceptible to tiredness, with this leading to a lower incidence of human error during the procedure. A shorter operation will also be much easier on the patient.

Micro FUE in Turkey

The FUE technique is probably the most widespread in Turkey today, and innovations in this field, such as Micro FUE, Sapphire FUE and others, have gone a great way towards improving patient comfort, reducing potential scarring and postoperative recovery time, and providing the best aesthetic results in the most comfortable circumstances.

However, it is important to note that any tool will only ever be as good as the team that is using it, which is why the choice of clinic remains an important one. New tools have improved the comfort of both patients and medical practitioners, but a hair transplant is still a surgical process which requires the care of a dedicated and highly qualified team.

A hair transplant doctor extracting hair follicles via the micro-motor.

Micro-motors at SHIFT are set to the slowest speed to protect grafts while extracting.

Micro FUE at SHIFT

Although cutting-edge technology can contribute a huge deal to the performance of a successful procedure, a hair transplant is not a purely ‘mechanical’ process of transplanting hair from one part of the head to the other. A variety of other parameters must be taken into account, such as the angle, direction and depth of graft placement, a correct calculation of the optimum number of grafts to be transplanted, the particular characteristics of each patient’s hair, skin and other physical features plus their age, facial features and background. Clinical excellence is important, but a certain level of creativity is also involved, and only the most experienced team will be able to achieve the best aesthetic results for every patient.

SHIFT will always take a holistic approach to hair transplantation in order to create stunning results in the best and most accommodating circumstances possible.


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