Perkutan Technique

What are the main advantages?

Turkey is a hugely popular focal point for international health tourism, and continues to provide patients with a much wider range of treatment options than are available in other parts of the world.

The Perkutan, or Percutaneous, method, is one important innovation which has helped to further accelerate scalp healing and the overall recovery time for hair transplant patients. It is one of a range of innovative treatment methods available at SHIFT.

Difference between Perkutan and Slit.

On left, channels opened by Slit Technique on the right by Perkutan Technique.

What is Perkutan and how does it differ from other hair transplant techniques?

The Perkutan technique involves extracting grafts following the same process used in the ‘Classic’ FUE technique, which consists of removing individual donor grafts, rather than harvesting and then dividing an entire strip of skin. As with ‘Classic’ FUE, the advantage of removing the grafts individually is that this makes for a more comfortable and less intensive operation with a shorter postoperative recovery period and reduced scarring.

The main difference between Classic FUE and Perkutan lies in the opening of the channels. This is the most critical part of any hair transplant procedure, as the channels determine the angle, depth and direction of the grafts, in this way having a significant impact on the overall quality of the results. Whereas Classic FUE involves using a blade to create small ‘slits’ in the scalp area, Perkutan involves using a needle-like instrument to create channels which are very similar in proportion to the transplanted grafts. This means that with Perkutan the procedure is even less intensive, with less potential for scarring. Skin healing is also faster, and there is a reduced risk of postoperative complications.

What are the advantages of Perkutan? 

As well as offering a more comfortable overall experience, Perkutan also provides patients with a range of aesthetic benefits. In particular, it makes it possible to create greater density through placing grafts more closely together than is possible using the ‘slit’ method. The smaller channels that are opened with Perkutan also mean that it is less likely that the grafts will shift from their position, and so it is easier to ensure the correct angle and placement of the grafts. 

Perkutan in Turkey

Turkey has always been quick to adopt innovations within the medical tourism industry. Indeed, this is one of the many reasons that Istanbul has become a global centre of excellence for hair transplantation. This emphasis on embracing new treatment methods also means that patients have a far wider range of options available to them than is the case in other countries.

Perkutan at SHIFT

Perkutan is one of a number of cutting-edge treatments that SHIFT is proud to have adopted, in the spirit of keeping up with the latest developments in the industry and providing patients with the most extensive portfolio of services.

SHIFT will work together with every patient to recommend the best course of treatment, combining clinical excellence with a strong artistic calling and a considerable emphasis on patient satisfaction. This demonstrates their commitment to placing quality at the heart of every patient experience.



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