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Sapphire Hair Transplant – Hair loss is something that distresses both men and women in equal measure. However, it is usual for one to lose hair sometime. However, an increase in hair loss can make you worried. It can occur due to poor diet, environmental conditions, or parental inheritance and so on. Whatever the cause of hair loss, it can always be treated. One of the best ways of treating hair loss is using an advanced innovation within the FUE hair transplant known as Sapphire Hair Transplant. So, if you have lost your hair and you want a natural one, then simply go for sapphire hair transplant.

Sapphire is made by this instrument to open the channels.

When deciding on the best hair transplantation option for your hair loss, it is recommended that you go for Sapphire hair transplant because it is the best option. It is actually the procedure that warrants the best hair transplant results. This is because it is currently the foremost advanced hair transplant technique that the best, safest approaches for lifelong and permanent hair results.

What is Sapphire hair transplant?

Sapphire Hair Transplant is simply an FUE hair transplant procedure conducted using sapphire blades. Just like the name suggests, sapphire blades are those blades that are made from sapphire, which is a precious gemstone. Sapphire hair transplant is a hair transplantation procedure whereby special sapphire blades are used instead of steel blades to create incisions within a recipient site during a hair transplant procedure.

When sapphire blades are used in the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant procedure, it is called Sapphire hair transplant. It is not actually a new technique in the hair transplant, but a new innovation that implements a new, advanced process within the Follicular Unit Extraction method.

Sapphire hair transplant is currently the most preferred hair transplantation procedure for various reasons. For instance, sapphire blades are designed in a way that they minimize scab formation, and they speed up the entire recovery process by opening much smaller macro channels within the site of a recipient for transplantation.

During sapphire hair transplant procedure, hair follicles are usually extracted one by one in a professional manner from the donor area by the use of a micromotor within very small punches in sizes of 0,8 – 0,7 – 0,6 mm diameters. With the Follicular Unit Extraction method, all the extracted hair follicles are supposed to be transplanted carefully into the incisions that have already been created. In more often than not, these channels usually have a big influence on the angle, direction and density of hair growth, and are usually the most vital factor not only to a successful operation but also to obtain a great, natural appearance.

The difference between the Slit and the Sapphire channels opening.

By utilizing sapphire blades, it is now possible and easier to achieve opening microchannels where hair follicles are transplanted. The small incisions that vary in sizes of 1,5 – 1,3 – 1,0 mm can be created using durable, sharp and smooth sapphire blades. For this reason, it is now possible to open more channels, and this makes it possible to and easier to transplant hair follicles closer to each other.

Advantages of sapphire hair transplant

FUE hair transplant performed with sapphire blades is currently the most popular, preferred method among men and women who are seeking hair transplant in order to restore their hair. Sapphire hair transplant, done in the right way by a qualified professional, causes no damage but results in natural, beautiful looking hair. There are so many advantages of sapphire hair transplant, and here are just but some of them. Check them out! Sapphire Hair Transplant

  1. Reduced risks of scalp tissue damage, trauma and other complications

One of the main advantages of sapphire hair transplant is that it reduces the risk of trauma, scalp tissue damage and other possible complications that are common with FUE hair transplant and other hair transplantation procedures. This is because of the qualities of sapphire blades. For instance, sapphire blades have smooth surfaces with antibacterial properties. Besides, they are sharp, hard and durable. These qualities reduce vibrations during the process of making incisions and thereby reducing the risks associated with hair transplantation.

  1. Results in achieving more density

Sapphire hair transplant results in achieving more density hair. When sapphire blades are used in an air transplant procedure, more density hair is usually achieved, and this makes the hair have a more natural look or appearance. This, therefore, means that sapphire hair transplant is the way to go for anyone who wants to achieve the best results. In other words, you will achieve a more natural appearance when you undergo sapphire hair transplantation. Sapphire Hair Transplant

  1. Faster smaller tissue recovery

Sapphire hair transplant results in faster tissue recovery. Sapphire blades, as compared to steel blades, create much smaller incisions for the hair transplantation process. Because of the smaller incisions, tissue recovery will definitely be faster. In fact, you will recover very quickly after the transplantation process, and you will quickly return back to your normal life.

  1. Smoother bonded skin surfaces

As mentioned before, sapphire blades create very small incisions for the transplantation process. This not only ensures faster healing of the tissues, but also smoother bonding skin surfaces. Sapphire Hair Transplant

  1. Follicles cannot become dislodged

Sapphire hair transplant ensures that all the channels are opened at the same lengths of hair follicles. For this reason, there are no chances of follicles becoming dislodged or their angle position to be altered after the hair transplantation process.


Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplantation method is a popular method of hair transplant, and it has been used for more than 12 years now. In fact, FUE hair transplantation is currently the most generally accepted and popular hair transplant technique globally. Over the years, hair transplants have tremendously improved and have now advanced to a very advanced state. It has actually undergone a transformation and has finally achieved the great look with perfect quality. The Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant technique with sapphire blades offers great quality results. If you have suffered a hair loss, and you want a hair transplantation procedure that will offer you natural aesthetically pleasing results, then sapphire hair transplant is the best option for you. The technique will definitely satisfy your expectations. Sapphire Hair Transplant

Sapphire Hair Transplant
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