SHIFT has always taken pride in adapting a more artisan approach to performing hair transplants. This different way of thinking can perhaps best be seen in SHIFT’s unique Smart-Selection method, which is an innovative and artistic approach which helps to yield the most natural-looking results.

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The Principles of Smart Selection

Smart Selection by SHIFT is a unique approach which is based around optimal graft distribution. When we speak of ‘grafts’, we refer to follicular units which consist of one or more individual hairs. Most people will have follicular units consisting of single, double, triple and quadruple hairs, but the proportion of each of these four types will vary depending on the individual.

In nature, the follicular units around a person’s hairline are likely to consist of mainly single hairs, as are the follicular units around the edge of the beard and the eyebrows. In contrast, hair in the front hair, mid-scalp and crown area of the head will be likely to contain multiple-hair grafts in different combinations, with hair towards the crown area tending to have the highest number of hairs per graft.

Smart Selection 3

What does Smart Selection Involve?

Smart Selection involves understanding how the number of hairs per follicular unit impacts on their best placement on the recipient area and arranging them in accordance with this. This means that after the grafts are extracted, they are first sorted by the number of hairs per unit and then implanted accordingly.

SHIFT will use the single-haired units to create the most natural-looking hairline and use the multiple-haired units to create the best level of density on the rest of the scalp area.

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Smart Selection and the Optimal Results

The key to performing a natural-looking hair transplant lies in imitating the innate qualities of human hair. This takes a considerable degree of skill but will create a far superior end result.

A successful hair transplant relies on more than the number of follicular units alone: it is also very much linked to considering the number of hairs per unit and distributing these units accordingly. While any clinic can transplant hair, those which take a careless approach and fail to consider the number of hairs per unit will not succeed in creating convincing results.

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Smart Selection at SHIFT

Performing an optimum-quality hair transplant involves clinical expertise, but it also requires a creative approach and an excellent level of attention to detail. This thoughtful approach is something which distinguishes SHIFT from other clinics in Turkey.

While many clinics adopt a more ‘conveyor-belt’ approach to hair transplantation, competing on cost and volume rather than the quality of the results, SHIFT has always adopted a more artisan approach, providing patients with natural-looking results which will last a lifetime.

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