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Common Techniques of Hair Transplant for Men

Turkey has long been a centre for excellence in hair transplantation, and in recent years it has drawn an increasing number of international visitors to Istanbul. There are now more hair transplant options available than ever before, and SHIFT is proud to provide patients with high-quality results in a comfortable environment for very reasonable prices.

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Many believe that a hair transplant is a dangerous procedure, but it’s quite safe.

What is a Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant consists of transferring follicular units from a ‘healthy’ donor area at the back of the head to the area or areas which are suffering from hair loss. As the hair follicles at the back of the head are genetically different to those at the top of the head, they are not subject to the same processes that cause the hair at the top of the head to fall. We can therefore say that the donor follicles are ‘resistant’ to hair loss, meaning that in the vast majority of cases a hair transplant constitutes a permanent solution for hair loss.

Animation on how FUE Technique for Hair Transplant works.

Animation on how the FUE Technique works.

Hair Transplant Techniques

There are three main hair transplant techniques available in Turkey today: FUE and its derivative FUE Sapphire, plus DHI and FUT.

FUE is the most commonly-used technique for Men Hair Transplant in Turkey today, as it allows for transplantation of the maximum number of grafts. FUE is an excellent all-round technique as it is suitable for the majority of patients. FUE involves extracting individual grafts from the donor area before opening microchannels in the transplanted area and placing the grafts in these channels. The advantage of extracting the grafts individually is that this leaves minimal scarring and leads to a swift recovery time.

FUE Sapphire is a derivative of FUE, involving similar graft extraction, but a different channel-opening method. Whereas ‘Classic’ FUE involves using a blade to open slit-like channels in the transplanted area, Sapphire involves using a sapphire-tipped instrument for channel opening. These channels are very similar in size to the transplanted hair, which means that recovery time is reduced yet further.

Hair Transplant with FUT Technique Animated explainer.

FUT Hair Transplant Steps.

DHI is a good technique for creating density in smaller areas, such as the front hairline, and is particularly useful for those seeking a no-shave transplant. It involves using an implanter pen to open the channels and position the extracted grafts in one movement. DHI has a faster recovery time than ‘Classic’ FUE but it can only be used for smaller quantities of grafts as it is more time-consuming.

FUT is an older men hair transplant technique which has now been surpassed by newer methods. It involves harvesting an entire strip of skin from the scalp and dividing this up to obtain individual follicular units, before implanting these in the channel in the recipient area. FUT offers the highest overall rate of graft survival but its downsides are a more painful and complex operation, a slower recovery time and permanent linear scarring, meaning that it is not commonly used now.

The best course of treatment will depend on the patient and factors such as his age, the extent of his hair loss, the number of grafts to be transplanted, his hair and skin type and more. SHIFT Hair Transplant will always work with the patient to create the best results in the best conditions. Their experience in a wide range of techniques means that they are perfectly placed to offer each patient the course of treatment that is most suitable for them. 

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The angles of implanting the hair follicle with DHI Technique.

Benefits of a Hair Transplant for Men

One of the main benefits of a hair transplant is that this constitutes the only realistic long-term solution for hair loss. Other non-surgical treatments such as Minoxidil, Finasteride, PRP injections and mesotherapy treatment can temporarily improve the appearance of the hair but only insofar as the patient continues to take these.

A hair transplant,  on the other hand, is a one-day outpatient procedure which should not involve significant pain or discomfort, nor a long postoperative recovery period. Continual innovation in hair transplant technology also means that hair transplants are becoming more comfortable and patient-centred every day.

An illustrated image of the difference between Slit and Sapphire Hair Transplant.

The difference between the Slit and the Sapphire channels opening.

Men Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Hair transplantation is a huge industry in Turkey, and such procedures have been routinely performed since well before hair transplants became mainstream in the US and Europe. This means that the level of expertise in Turkey is very good. Investment in cutting-edge technology and excellent hospitals have also meant that Turkey is miles ahead of other countries in this area, as has Turkey’s focus on embracing innovation.

Hair Transplant for Men at SHIFT

SHIFT is proud to adhere to the highest standards in the industry in terms of both clinical excellence and patient satisfaction. SHIFT has extensive experience in performing a wide variety of hair transplant techniques, and this versatile approach means that SHIFT is excellently equipped to create the very best results for every patient.