U FUE, a squeezer extracting a hair follicle out of a female patient.


What is U FUE?

U FUE, or Unshaven FUE, is a technique that involves transplanting hair without using a shaver in any of the stages of the process. This method helps to restore hair in patients with balding or thinning hair. It does this in an effective and minimally invasive way which is virtually ‘undetectable’. This technique is a state-of-the-art hair transplant technique which is performed by highly skilled surgeons in top hair restoration clinics such as SHIFT Hair Transplant

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How is Unshaven FUE Performed?

U FUE involves extracting individual hairs from the donor area, in a similar style as regular FUE. This technique normally involves extracting hairs from the sides or back of the head. It is a delicate procedure which demands considerable skill on the part of surgeons. These experts work to find the most satisfactory number of healthy hairs and make sure they are properly implanted.

After extracting the hair, the medical team will snip the hair strands, leaving only the hair root that is going to be implanted. As with the standard FUE process, patients may notice a little redness after the procedure. However, once this redness has subsided, the longer remaining hair will conceal any evidence of a hair transplant in this area.

In the following twelve months, new hair will grow naturally to form the new hairline. Given that hair grows slowly, it is unlikely that anyone will notice the change in hairline and hair growth. They will probably not realise that a hair transplant in Turkey has taken place.

How is U FUE Different from FUE?

As the name itself indicates, there is one main difference between the two methods. With U FUE, unlike with standard FUE, there is no need to shave a part of the hair or the scalp before performing the technique. As hair is extracted from the donor area without cutting it, many people can go back to the office the following day without anyone noticing they have had a transplant. This is because the hair keeps it concealed.

The results of U FUE may differ from one individual to another. However, in general, the U FUE method has a high success rate. As the technique does not involve complete or even partial shaving of the hair, many men and women favour this option. However, an in-depth discussion with your surgeon will give the best indication of whether you are suitable for the process or not.