Unsuccessful Hair Transplant Reasons, a make in the playground with a head band suffering from migraine.

Unsuccessful Hair Transplant Reasons

What Makes a Hair Transplant Unsuccessful

Unsuccessful Hair Transplant Reasons: Hair transplant is one of the more permanent ways of restoring hair to the scalp or boosting thinning hair. Although this is generally a safe and effective process, hair transplant failures are not unknown. Some of the more common reasons for the failure of a hair transplant in Turkey could be attributed to the following factors;

Inexperienced Surgeons as a reson for Unsuccessful Hair Transplant Reasons

The hair transplant process could be unsuccessful if it is performed by surgeons who are lacking inexperience. Unskilled hands could constitute a major factor in the failure of the transplantation. A lack of concern and a failure to understand the condition of the patient could lead to the grafts failing to grow. These problems could also cause skin conditions in the patient’s recipient area, including scarring and reduced blood supply. Planting the grafts too shallow or too deep can lead to damage, or even cause the body to identify these grafts as foreign objects and push them out.

In top hair restoration centres such as SHIFT Hair Transplant, skilled and expert surgeons use a transplant technique that is tailored to the health, skin and hair type of patients.

Unsuccessful Hair Transplant Reasons

Improper Handling

Managing graft movement from the physiologic bath solution to the recipient area is a time-consuming process. Some of the surgical assistants that position the grafts in place tend to pile these up on the back of their hands or fingers. This leaves them exposed to the air for twenty seconds or more. Longer exposure to the air can damage or even kill grafts, particularly the smaller ones. This risk is quite common during the operative process, and surgeons need to closely monitor the handling to ensure the success of the hair transplant process.

Improper Aftercare as a reson for Unsuccessful Hair Transplant Reasons

This factor is quite common and occurs when patients fail to observe every word of the surgeons’ aftercare instructions. Sleeping in an inappropriate position, smoking or drinking before or after the operation, failing to clean the scabs properly in the days after the surgery and participating in intense physical activities within ten days of the operation are some of the most common aftercare mistakes. These can lead to the failure of what would otherwise have been a successful hair transplant in Turkey.

Diffuse Alopecia Areata

If a condition called diffuse alopecia areata remains undiagnosed, this could lead to graft growth issues. In top centres such as SHIFT Hair Transplant, doctors make a suitable diagnosis of each patient. This will ensure the absence of disorders which could seriously compromise the success of the hair transplant process. for more about “Unsuccessful Hair Transplant Reasons” or other contact us.

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